Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gratuitous Self-Promotion Time!

*cue Award Night instrumental music* Firstly, I'd like to thank you guys for voting FrockYou as a Finalist in the 2008 SHOP Awards for Best Online Store! We couldn't have done it without you, or our parents, or God...well we could have, but the results might have been different. And who is God anyway? *cue instrumental music to quickly usher
/force us offstage while still dribbing shite*

It's been a long day. I'm stuffed. And Trinny and Susannah are on later and I love them. So in order to get out of writing anything that makes me think too hard or for too long, let me take you through something I know pretty well: the best bits of the Frock! Ladies first, and Little Frockers after (note, no pics because it will make the post half a kilometre long and your eyes probably won't want to wander that far)...

The Coat: Blue Juice Mabel Saintley Mayland Girl Coat $129.95 To be honest I just Googled "Mabel Saintley" because I thought the title of this lovely silver trench-style coat was a bit weird. She was a burlesque dancer, fyi. I like this one ALOT because it's light and flirty and lined with polka dots! It has a really feminine shape (hence being named after a burlesque dancer I'm guessing) which is accentuated with the waist sash and a double row of buttons, and is a sweet shade of silver-grey. Versatile and affordable!

The Tee: GRAB Basic Long-sleeved Tops $29.95 in grey, black or white, these are awesome in so many ways - they keep their shape after washing, and are really light but still warm, and thus great for layering. Or, follow the fashion pack and wear a plain top with a cool scarf (of which we have some more in store but not on the site yet..keep your eyes peeled...) and denim, whether it be ripped, skinny or flared!

The Cardi: French Kitty Peaches Cardi $69.95 You have to be a pink lover (the colour, not the pop singer) to like this one but the ribbon detail across the front and back is so cute! Coco Chanel once said "a girl can never have too many cardi's"...well she didn't but she probably thought it sometimes.

The Frock: Mejikuhibiniu Grey/Black Sleeve Dress $90 we've got a cool new independent label in store, all the way from Melbourne, and they simply create gorgeous and really unique frocks that make people go, "Ooh where'd you get that, I LOVE it dah-ling!" and you go, "it's from this great new label Mejikuhibiniu" at which point they look confused as they try to spell it out in their heads, and then you go, "and I got it from FrockYou" and then they stare at you for a second, assume you've been rude and totter away to find a frock with less letters in it's name.

The Bag: Chip Chop Keep It Surreal Tote $89 in keeping with the "let's confuse the general public" theme, Chip Chop have brought out some new limited edition black denim totes with trademark eye-catching slogans. Quick sticks 'cos there aren't many of them around!

The Skirt: Vicious Threads Fortuna Skirt $189 this is a rock chic skirt if ever there was one: black silk/cotton with a studded waistband, oh la la! Featured in this month's ShopTilYouDrop, it's feminine yet tough and just so goddam cool!

Little Frockers: The Tee: Deadly Girl Couture Calvin Whine $39.95 these are imported from the USA and the quality is fantastic - and the cheeky slogans right up our alley! Honestly, dressing kids in proper designer gear borders on the insane considering they grow out of them in a number of months (longer than Posh keeps any of her gear, but anyway) so stick it to 'em! Make a statement!

The Hat: Monster Baby Winter Castro Cap $25 Speaking of labels sticking it to 'em, you can't go past Monster Baby for some real 'tood. From I Hate Barby to F*****g Bad Day to 6pm Bitchin' Hour, they have a tee to delightfully offend all sensibilites. BUt my current fav from their winter range is the Winter Castro Cap - it's black, lined with warm ribbing and has a skull on it. It's COOL.

The Pants: American Apparel Karate Pants $22 simply the comfiest pants your bub will wear, ever, and just layer some BabyLegs underneath for extra warmth!

The Frock: Ej Sikke Lej Purple Denim Dress $79 imported from Denmark, this one is so funky even Lila Grace Moss would deign to wear it. It's got a cute little owl keyring bit and it looks cooler then a Danish winter with tights and boots!

The Shoes: Smelly Welly Gumboots $39.95 if your feet pong, at least try to mask the whiffiness with these cute wellies! In 4 flavours/colours, they even come with antibacterial spray to keep them smelling yummy - and trust me, they do smell, it's no gimmick, the storeroom now smells like a lolly shop.

There's alos heaps and HEAPS of brand new stock overflowing from every crevice, so check back regualrly to snap it up! New stuff is added every day for your viewing/buying pleasure...enjoy!

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