Saturday, May 3, 2008

Losing my blog-ginity

It's shameful the way I can sit here decked out to the nines in pjs and uggs, twisting and turning the English language into something so obscene as the above title. But we can do that these days. Anyone can be part of the bloggerati, anybody can publish their thoughts however random, trivial, interesting or just plain stupid they might be. So here I am, shamelessly jumping onbaord the bandwagon in the hope that one day I can get paid to sit in Starbucks with my laptop and mega grande decaf soy chai lattecino and effortlessly tap away at my witty musings, imagining a voiceover narrating it Carrie-style. Well, ok, there are a few things wrong with this; namely that where I live we don't have Starbucks (and it's not Italy), I don't own a laptop, I dislike floral brooches, and I prefer fullcream cappuccinos with lots of sugar not quite mixed-in, so that I can eat the bubbles off and have tasty crunchy sweet bits amongst the froth.

Yes, this blog is part of our website, eboutique FrockYou , and sometimes (once a week, tops) I will be publishing honest accounts of new stock, sales and indulging in glorious self-promotion. I also swear sometimes, so if horriffic and useless words like "shit" and "bollocks" piss you off, well then, shut your eyes. BUT if you'd like to read about books, magazines ,fillums, nostalgic trips down memory lane, celebs, other websites, tv, new products, parenting, babies and much more, then please leave your eyes open. And peeled for anything you'd like to see me write about (email with suggestions.) Nice people will get nice things written about them, bad people will have lots of four-letter words tagged to them, and possibly dog poo in their letterbox. The bit to the right ------------------------> has updates on the latest books and magazines and music that I or one of the other lovely Frockers are currently digging, and we also have a bunch of links you might like.

Well, that didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I wanted to write more, but am feeling a bit deflated right now. Perhaps we'll get more out of it next time.....

Until then,
Kat xxx

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