Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not more than just Frocks: Logies 2008

If one of these 3 men don't win the gold Logie, I'm never watching the 30-minute red carpet arrival special ever again:

(all images from photo gallery). I did however just see the Mr. G extravaganza, which I enjoyed almost as much as the mystified look on Suzie Wilk's face. Or whatever her name is. See, I wanted to write somehting about Logies fashion; but after spending half an hour gawking at the "celebs" on the red carpet I'm either going to have to make up names and credentials, or just not outfit-analyse. And that wouldn't be fun. I don't watch much telly, and most of what I do watch is aimed at the 0-5 age group. (Because I have a 2 year old, not becuase I'm some sort of deranged perve). Anyhoo, on with the show:
Ok, I know who this is, and not only is Catriona a lovely name, but that's a damn lovely frock. Sorta got the very now "superhero" elegant half lady-cape thing going on too.Top marks.
This is the Natalie chick from So You Think You Can dance, yes? Love the yellow colour, and the simple and classy shape of the dress. Hair looks nice, even if her skin colour in this pic makes me think she was aiming for some sort of citrus-fruit basket theme.

The only pic I could find of this gorgeous pink number! These two I sometimes see on telly on weekend mornings, what they are called is beyond me. Awesome outfit, love the arm bling. Does he look a bit like a creepy Ace Ventura?I actually really like this one too. A quick Google reveals mixed feelings from the public but I like the way it stands out. Mermaid-y looks are fitting for swimmers (see, I know who she is!). These next ones however.....

As much as I love etsy, I don't think it's the place to buy outfits for black-tie events.
It's fake-tan Barbie! No offense (oh, who am I kidding) but that is a totally minging colour. I don't care if she, too, has a lady-cape, it still doesn't save it.

Now, what's wrong here? For such a talented and usually-attractive lady, this is a touch...ick. Why does she need a scarf that looks like it's holding her head on? Fringe isn't quite working either, love. Pity.

I don't know who this is but her boobs are trying to make a run for it in different directions (don't stare too long, or you'll be convinced they've each got their own little determined face), and the ruching reminds me of a ribcage. And are those massive earrings on the side of her head, or some sort of hair accessory also trying to bolt?
Had to put this in, becuase anyone who looks as fabulous as Rhonda at that age deserves a gold star (not a Logie, a star. They are better). I couldn't find a pic of Kerri-Anne but she also looked smashing in a vibrant citrus yellow (well, it looked that colour on our telly), except for what resembled a tinfoil necklace that possibly one of her grandkids made at Kinder. Shelley Craft's glitsy, draped number also looked gorgeous, as did Lavinia Nixon's frock in a beautiful shade of blue - her hair though was a bit too retro, as if when playing a fun after-dinner game of "Guess which year this Logies outfit is from" you'd say 1987, just because the hair looked a bit...fluffy? big? A bit something anyway. Still, it was more interesting than Westlife.

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