Saturday, May 24, 2008

Send a Random Postcard - Spread the Love!

If you work for a big company, every quarter or so you usually get a fun-filled magazine with a witty title which is basically a large propoganda pamphlet about how your caring multinational sponsors trees in the sub-sahara and donates a portion of profits to charities they have a hand in. Not to sound cynical or anything. But my partner was this morning browsing through the latest issue of PostJournal, the afore-described tome sent to all Aus Post employees (NO he is not a postman, nor does he sort letters into boxes), and found a little paragraph about a cool website called PostCrossing . The concept: you register your details, click the button to generate a random person from somewhere around the globe (also registered on the site, or it would just be creepy) and send them a postcard of where you live with a little happy message on it! FREE HUGS BY SNAIL MAIL folks. This is where it's at! Then, once you've sent one, someone will send you one (but you won't know when they do, it'll just arrive one glorious day), then you can send another, and so the circle of love continues. Randomness in letterboxes - I love it!

Tomorrow I'm sending a note of kindness to an animal loving geriatric nurse in Finland. I better not send a postcard with a Tasmanian Devil on it as they are all munted due to the awful cancer spreading through the species. Maybe a cuddly koala, or the local boganus flannelettia would please her. BUT SERIOUSLY, THIS IS SO FUN IT MAKES ME TYPE IN CAPS LOCK! In today's day and age where we are so anal about being organised and time-optimisation and lots of other wanky management-speak things, the element of surprise and good old fashioned faith in the kindness of a complete stranger makes this a worthwhile project. The site states that the reasoning behind PostCrossing is "there are lots of people who like to receive real mail. The element of surprise of receiving postcards from different places in the world (many of which you'd probably never have heard of) can turn your mailbox into a box of surprises - and who wouldn't like that?". Exactly. If you're not so bold as to stand in your local mall holding a "Free Hugs" sign, this is the next best thing - send a kind word and smiley face to someone, somewhere, and watch the good karma spread!

Go to and register, then wait by the letterbox, and experience the simple joy of getting mail!

(ps if you've been getting those stupid postcards from Bigpond, don't forward them to Scandinavia or any other well-meaning part of the globe. They reflect badly on our country, broadband system and use of trees. Are you listening, Telstra? oh wait, I'm on hold. Still.)

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