Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rainbow Twanger

This rather tittilating clip is from a British kid's TV show, Rainbow, which ran from the 1972-1992. Watch it and consider the following options:

a) things were so innocent back then *sigh*

b) I must be really perverted to be thinking what I am

c) the producers are having a right good snigger behind the scenes

d) Poms have some really strange slang words


The answer is e) this sketch is a jolly good joke - it was made in 1979 for the Thames TV staff Christmas tape; and it wasn't aired until 1997 on Channel 4's TV Offal, when it then started doing the rounds of emails, YouTube and next time you and your mates indulge in a bit too much Fruity Lexia, can I suggest a rollicking rendition of "The Plucking Song", playing with each other's balls and rounding the evening off with a friendly round of banging. Jolly good fun!

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