Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Happy Things

2 things this morning that make me smile:

1). My new weekly blog for Kidstylefile: this week shoes, next week, swimwear, the week after, more freebies....I jest, I jest. Seriously, if you're a parent and love shopping, keeping an eye on Kidstylefile is well worth it: daily deals, news and reviews on new products, and a very comprehensive store and label directory. Bargains + cute new stuff = well worth it!

2). I feel guilty when, like the other night when we went out and got burgers, I can't be bothered (or am too stinking hot) to cook anything decent, despite an array of "quick and healthy"-style cookbooks. I actually do like cooking, and thankfully Charlotte is a good eater and not particularly fussy especially by 2 year old standards, but mustering up something healthy and tasty 7 nights a week, after a full days working/parenting/cleaning/shopping (ahem) is sometimes too much. So when I read this and this it made me feel a bit better that an awful lot of other people serve up frozen/canned/slapdash concotions. Quite frankly, last nights quick stroganoff with fettucine and corn cobs (I know that sounds weird, but Charlotte loves corn with a passion and at least its a nice vegie serving for her) is in comparison, quite gourmet. Better buy another cookbook to keep up the good work...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas: Scrooge or Spend?

I don't know about you but I thought the world economy was in the dunny, and we are all tightening our purse strings this festive season. Or, in a more positive spin, getting back to the good old fashioned notion of "it's the thought that counts" and just letting the tots play with wrapping paper and the older kids an outdoor cricket set. Or, if you are like some people I know, you could be well into the $000's with your chrissy spending. So far. Aside from the joy of giving, is it compensation for some form of neglectful parenting, fear of childhood deprivation, or some sort of bogan pride-cum-outdo the Jones'es mentality? If you don;t count the hoardes of food, we never spent alot on Christmas. We got bikes, rollerblades, a Playstation and all that at one point or another, but it was only ever one gift. Not a laptop, ipod, giant toy dog, swing set, trampoline and assorted cds/books/clothes, all at once. I mean, what the hell do you buy next year?! Charlotte has asked for a gingerbread man from Santa. And the other day Myer had a one-day only sale of 30% off Christmas trim, so she got her own sparkly bauble for the tree. So far her spend list is under $10. Although, she does want a bike too, which I can't wait to go shopping for. My partner will probably get a book and some shoes, I'd be happy with a day off and a Chanel purse (joke. sort of). A day off and lots of wine would do me nicely. Maybe it's an effect of getting old, or the result of the post-consumerism frenzy of this decade, but the thought of overspending just makes me a bit nauseous. And this is coming from a person who basically shops for a living. Mind you, I plan to hit the Boxing Day sales like a madwoman in heels, but you know, everything will be cheap. It's economical. A group of us are having Chrissy dinner later this month, and instead of $10 secret santa we're all giving $10 each to a business in a developing country through . $80 might buy you an annoying talking Elmo who has no point as he isn't programmed to a) shutup or b) do housework; but $80 to someone in the 3rd world makes such a huge difference. I recommend it - warm and fuzzy is where it's at. And I don't mean in a giant lifelike toy dog.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Customer Service Rant

Sometimes, it just wouldn't be Friday without a rant about someone in a shop who has gotten my goat (and my money). This week, it's a new kids "boutique" recently opened here. The idea is good, and I think needed in this Pumpkin Patch-dominated town, though really you can buy pretty much every kids label online, with a discount code and without the attitude (actually that includes P Patch, their e-outlet store has been great recently for little summer frocks!). I won't name names, unless it happens again should I perchance pass their way in the future, but let's just say any person with a smidgen of common sense, working in retail or who owns a store, would not really try to gain a sale by questioning the customer's choice. In a snotty way. In other words, if I am tossing up between two little tops for my daughter, and leaning towards buying them both, I don't expect to be told that one is "obviously too babyish" for her. I mean it's a sz 2, she's 2 years old and a size 2, therefore I imagine it's perfectly suitable. Plus, I liked the print and it was cuter than some of the vomit-inspired prints on the sz 3 "grown up kids" rack. Also, when we shop (which as you can probably imagine is pretty regularly) we like to play a game where I ask her to choose which one she likes best and we end up with less tantrums getting dressed in the mornings. Shopgirls can look at me like I'm stupid but they're dealing with a tot who knows who Coco Chanel is, can spot Paris on a map and realises ugg boots are slippers and not fashionable footwear. What I should've done is point out said horrible old bag's (shoplady, not Chanel) store layout was all wrong, horribly merchandised and the store name oddly spelt. But I quietly paid for just the one top, looked at a business card on the counter and enquired whether they have a webstore, and bit my tongue in telling her she was going to get a spanking on this blog and possibly on a few others I have my hand in...and boy oh boy was I going to spread the word!

Well, all that sounds a bit nasty but we all know how I feel about customer service. There's a reason Frock You has an impeccable reputation and it's 'cos we know our stuff. We won't tell you something is awful (otherwise we wouldn't stock it, der), or question your choices - if you like it and are happy, then we are too *dances in meadow with trail of happy customers*. Speaking of, you'll loooove the bits and pieces coming in next week (beautiful new tees, dresses and suits by Baobab, quirky and hella-cheap Minty Meets Munt, gorgeous dresses from GRAB and some killer heels and well cool flats from Nude; for a start) and keep an eye out for our new label from the UK, Motel (as worn by Duffy, the Ting Tings and the Saturdays). You heard it here first!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Someone on my Facebook (admittedly not really a 'friend', like about 150 other people on there) updated their status yesterday to: "When my grandkids ask me what I did when we found out about Obama's historic victory, I can proudly tell them I hopped online and updated my facebook status". So true. Though mine currently says "Katrina is dosed up on Codral and green tea" so I can't get my head around anything more than facebook status's at the moment. An in-depth election analysis? Thoughts on a more positive political future? Meh. They're there, but in today's media-saturated world, you'll no doubt find them yourself, whether you meant to or not. I am going to go lay on the couch and try not to drown in my own snot. mmmm. *goes to update facebook status first so everybody knows, just in case they care*

(Oh and if you want to add Frock You as a friend on facebook, please do, we need more cyber-friends!)