Friday, May 23, 2008

Bargain Beauty Review: Lip Gloss

*beauty disclaimer: these are honest reviews and I don't get paid or free stuff to do them, or to induce any sort of bias. I have to pay for these goods the old-fashioned way! (However if you want to send me free stuff, please do. Especially expensive stuff)*

Just like one can never own too may shoes, bags, coats or tshirts, a girl should never be caught without her lippy. I am partial to a bit of shine (regardless of whether or not it is "in" this week; seriously unless you work on a glossy mag or something who would care if your lip colour is sooo yesterday afternoon or not. And if they did care, they're obviously not worth knowing. Does the colour suit you? Yes? Well then it's never going to be "in" or "out" is it? Why swap your perfectly tinted shade for pearlised coral with sparkles or whatever just because that's what is the latest on the runway? Sorry. Rambling.), so in this regard I am going to share with you what is quite simply THE BEST lip gloss ever. And it costs $6.95.

Remember Lip Smackers at school? And it became a sort of competition as to who could have the most? And you lined them up colour co-ordinated on your dressing table? (No? Oh.) Well this is a sort of grown up Lip Smacker. It's called VitaGloss and it's a lovely, lovely conditioning gloss (thanks to vitamin e and aloe) that has just the right amount of natural-looking tint AND it stays on for aaaages. It gives your pout that airbrushed magazine look and it will make handsome foreign princes propose to you. Well, maybe not quite, but it'll look damn good. You may know that I have an obsession with collecting lip glosses and lipsticks. If you didn't, well you do now. I've got everything from Chanel to Rimmel and this one is my day-to-day fave. I have one in ech handbag, a spare beside the bed and another in the bathroom. Once I went into Priceline and they had "Buy 2 get 1 free" and I bought all of them, lest I happen to run out one fateful day. It comes in six different flavours/colours (oh and it doesn't taste awful either); my preference is raspberry, which is a deep pinky colour. And not, in fact, red like a raspberry. But whatever. If you are blonde you might like kiwi (it's pink, not green) or strawberry; darker skin tones plum or melon; and cherry is great for adding some shine on a night out.

I hope you realise that if I was ever interviewed for a beauty section of a magazine and they asked me what my all time must-have beauty product is that I would alone take to a desert island and repopulate the earth with, it is this. I haven't told many people about it because the shops are always out of stock and I am afraid of not being able to buy it. *starts shaking* actually, it sucks. Don't buy it, it's chemical enhanced crap that tastes like a shoe. I'll soldier on using it though, for old times sake.

Bonne Bell is available at Priceline, Target, pharmacies and supermarkets.

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