Thursday, April 30, 2009

Short and sweet: Obama Pics

In my ongoing bid to get out of doing any proper work, I 'accidentally' let my mouse browse around flickr this evening and found these behind the scenes White House pics. I did read the other day that Obama has a Flickr account (oh, if only, to have a Prez who Tweets!) and I'm guessing this Delivering on Change set is it. There are some great pics in there (though I dare not copy and paste them here in case of a lawsuit, I can't be bothered reading the flickr fine print!). Gotta love the look on Michelle O's face in number -0870 (halfway down) - she looks might pissed that Mr O doesn't want to get his white gloves dirty! And I didn't realise the P of US would have time to toss a footy around the Oval office...but still, if you had the chance, wouldn't you?!

Monday, April 27, 2009

RAFW: Armchair Critique

I have a shiny new laptop, super comfy pj's and no desire to spend all day teetering in heels, air kissing people*. And I'm typing this while simultaneously watching the Biggest Loser (Bob rocks!). I'm also in the wrong state to be at RAFW, but thanks to the wonders of twitter and the blogosphere I have no need to be. I've also finally found a use for Grazia magazine aside from something to read at the dentist's - their website has all the pics and the occassional review of all the goings-on. I'm not sure how often it will be updated cos everybody is apparently out hoping to be shot for The Sartorialist, but still, it allows for a copy and paste job not too dissimilar from most weekly mag 'articles'. So, thanks, Grazia (seriously, and excuse the poor grammar). You can also keep up to date at Chic Report.
(Just as a completely irrelevant aside, does anyone else find it cruelly amusing that Masterchef starts just as Biggest Loser is ending?)

Anyhoo, back to business. Grab a nice hot milo, and check this out:

The week opened with Camilla & Marc, and Paul Keating in the front row. I guess with a slick bob, he'd make a passable Anna Wintour. I'm taken with the fluid tops and dresses in nude and metallic tones, and gotta say that 7 models all in black stomping the runway in unison would be a sight to behold indeed. All in all, the show has been hailed a success, though I'm not sure what occassion would call for this outfit:

I do like that jacket though. And these pieces just makes you (well, me anyway) go, "ooooh...shiny and luxe...oooh"

I'm a bit of a fan of the dark, androgynous styles at Friedrich Gray, though I would get considerably miffed at my partner if he started wearing my tshirt.

And if he came home wearing this, I'd be...confused, to say the least.

Ginger & Smart is one of my fav labels-I-can't-generally-afford. Apparently one half of the duo (Alexandra) gave birth 6 days ago and still rocked up looking fab. Their collection is whimsically colourful - the inspiration came from a kite - with lots of tough black and chic navy. I'm quite glad to see minimal florals and overdone prints this S/S - winter's tougher looks, pared down a little with a softer colour palette, will look awesome for Spring. Most of the buying for next seasn at Frock You has been done, and it's all refreshingly grown up, with the occassional burst of bright colour (bright pinks, some stunning blue and a nice dollop of purple for good measure, alongside peach, dove grey and creamy white...mmm...). But I digress:

Zippers rock. Love the fit of those pants. And even though I spent a fair amount of time last week convincing one of our labels that you Frockers probably won't go for a pleather bra top, this gold Xena-esque version somehow works. The pic makes it look like the top still has a security tag laced around it but, dang, it's a chic security tag.
All pics from Grazia's website.

*Disclaimer: Not intended to sound catty because I'm not there. I'm just shit at air kissing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30% Off Birthday Sale!

To me, a good party means:

-A fabulous new frock, which obviously isn't something we are short of here at FYHQ;
-Good company (tick)
-Multiple bottles of vino
-Songs that you usually cringe at but are more than happy to sing joyously after dowing aforementioned beverages
-A designated driver who is hopefully not you or any of your close buddies. This is where husbands occassionally come in handy now that we're too old to call on someone's Mum in the wee hours (ahem).

But, when you have just turned 2 a la Frock, bubble blowing, fairy bread, cupcakes and a whopping great big sale are the order of the day. Why you guys get the present I'm not sure (kidding, it's to thank you for your loyal support and custom. Seriously, you rock!), but dang, it's a good one - 30% off storewide until Friday! Wooty sticks of joy!

The code is BIRTHDAY and while I would highly recommend you snap up everything quicksticks, ladies these are (some of, tbh) my standout essential picks to get you through the season:

SUNDAY A&J Urusla Leather Biker Boot, $219.95 sale price $153.96 - a flat pair of black boots with timelessly cool buckle detail will see you through many, many winters to come.

Mimosa Baby Wool Funnel $59.95 sale price $41.96 - so soft and luxe (and a bargain price!) the neckline is more flattering than a normal skivvy and it looks just as good on it's own with tailored pants as layered with a vest or knit.

Blue Juice Cool Rider Zip Dress $109.95 sale price $76.96 - this is so cool with it's zipper detailing, a modern piece for the office (seriously if I see another professional person in a skivvy, polyester ill-fitting pants/court shoes combo I'm going to throw a stick at them) or make it work for the weekend with ankle boots and funky tights!

GRAB Harem Pants $39.95 sale price $27.96 (bargain!!!) - ok I have to admit harem pants aren't my thing personally as I am a shortarse and they don't suit me at all, but I have tried these on and OMG they are the comfiest pants ever. So comfy, they even make me say OMG. Definitely a key look for this year (most labels are also doing them for S/S so invest now), these ones look great with a little tee, or worn with tough heels and a flowing top.

Piper Lane Bobcat Trench $179.95 sale price $125.96 - a classic cut, this looks incredibly chic on and goes with absolutely everything, possibly even with tracky daks. Great for those who like a coat that doesn't swamp them, add a little brooch or a cool scarf to make the look your own!

One Teaspoon Cavalry Knit Dress $109.95 sale price $76.96 - worn casual, for the office or dressed up; a classic plain knit dress will never go out of style. Grab a cute waist belt and relax knowing you've got an outfit you can chuck on on those blergh days and still look amazing!

Little Potty Red Shoes Boardwalk Dress $169 sale price $118.30 - this is truly beautiful, with a black lace front panel and black lacy straps forming a deep-v back (so even though there are straps, it is essentially backless. But there is no coherent way to write that.). Elegant, sexy, go for a smoky eye and prepare to turn heads (and not in an Exorcist kinda way).

With that, I wish you luck battling the cyber crowds at our mega awesome sale!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloglovin...oh yeah!

So, everyone does Facebook and if you're not Twittering already, you should be (though is there some easier way to read the 457865487 updates from everyone everyday?!), and I have recently discovered a nify little tool for following your fav blogs - Bloglovin' . I don't know how new it is but you simply add blogs, sign in whenever and it tells you if there's been an update. Easy peasy! (Will I be adding FrockOff for you to follow? Yes, when I figure out's a pretty vague yes).

So, aside from biggies like The Sartorialist, other blogs that are cute, regular in a non-All Bran kinda way and about all things pretty:

Coco's Tea Party - I love this one, the writer is very funny, posts are long enough to say something but short enough not to be overwhelming. We can all relate to the slogan "We'd rather go naked than dress badly!". It's written by a hip London fashion insider, and the celeb Hit and Miss posts are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Diamonds in Champagne - written by an Aussie Voguette, she updates it daily and has startlingly good taste. Warning: will make you want to shop and buy glossy magazines ('cos, like, we all need more encouragement on that front)!

DaydreamLily - posts the most beautifully inspiring pics, and is a must for vintage and/or craft lovers. Layout is gorgeous! Makes me mildly jealous in a good way that I completely lack the skill to shop vintage, craft anything or draw/paint/be arty and wear square glasses. But it did inspire my weekend Esty blitz to purchase many teapot themed pieces of jewellery (random fact: I am a tea addict and have stupid amounts of teapots. Now I can wear them too!)

Stylebubble - choc full of, well, style - from vintage to high end, it's like a little personal tour guide of the hippest treasure troves. Lots of visuals, and Susie Bubble certainly practices what she preaches!

Friggenawesome is written by Lana, a lovely Frocker, and it certainly does what it says on the tin. Awesome artists, gorgeous fashion and oodles of style permeate her blog which is just gorgeous to look at (and read too, if you want).

As Seen In is relatively new on the scene (I think) and has kindly featured Frock You several times (woot!). Celeste trawls the net searching for those covetable pieces as seen in (ooh clever) your fav glossies. Gotta give her top marks for her picks, today's Tulle skirt from Cosmo is so damn pretty!

Actually we should start inventing more hours in the day just so we have time to read all these fabulous blogs talented people are creating. From next week, we'll be focussing on Frocker's blogs, so if you've got one, email me directly and let me know!

PS - Happy 2nd Birthday Frock You!