Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yunginz Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

Much in the same way you rarely hear "wow, those ugg boots look awesome with your muffin top", the words "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" don't often appear on one's retail radar - until kid's shoe label Yunginz decided it was time to shake things up a bit. It's pretty easy, just buy any new season style and choose from one of three giveaway styles, email/ph/fax your proof of purchase to Yunginz and they'll send you your free pair!

This is awesome in so many ways - the new season styles are really and truly cool, as well as being made from leather and having all the neccessary arch support and orthopaedic technicalities. I am so in love with the little Gladettes ($79.95), which are refreshingly free from glitter, pink, and random flowers/hearts/butterflies and are a definite catwalk look again this season. It'll look beautiful with the Freshbaked black and white striped jersey dress ($39.95). Girls can also pick up a classic pair of white Teardrop flats ($79.95) which can be worn year round, and are especially good as party/wedding/special occassion shoes. And not to be too suggestive, but a beautiful frock from Stella Bella's range just might make a ridiculously adorable outfit...

Boys are not left out either - the ever-popular Sandoze sandals ($35.95) are back (velcro strap over, plain and simple and look especially good with shorts and a tee, plus they're great for the beach); while the year-round Canvas skate shoes ($49.95) which come in green/blue and black/orange have been redone with an awesome Skull print! Team with a Monster Baby tee and get ready to rock!

You can see all the deets for the freebie offer on the Yunginz brand page. And yes, we can order i other styles if you need them (Yunginz are good like that) and we can also restock sold out sizes nice and quick!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Temptation: Christopher Kane for Topshop

Two things have happened recently that made me giggle with glee, one being significantly less costly than the other, but both fabulous in totally different ways.

The cheap event, you'll not be surprised to hear, took place in the ear-thrasing, overstuffed confines of a local Supre. Bless them, there aren't many shops where you can go in and say "hey, do you have any fluro crops tops, netted rara skirts and below the knee leggings?" and be completely kitted out for a rad 80's party in less than 10 minutes. 2 over-accessorised sales assistants were genuinely concerned with the choice the fluro yellow or fluro pink crop top (we settled on pink) and were even more surprised when I mentioned that this outfit was not in fact for clubbing on saturday night, but for a costume party. But then, they weren't even born in the 80's so I guess these sartorial horrors are a whole new experience for the poor dears. I left with plenty of change for a $50, relief at having my costume sorted, and a gleeful bemusement that apparently my 'costume' will be the height of fashion this weekend should I choose to spend the night grooving to the latest chart hits in a nightclub where the hemlines are as high as the hairdo's.

(Note: just got even better, check out this site Rad80'sfashion.com . it truly exists!)

The second event is much more pleasing to fashionistas the world over, though you won't get much (if any) change from a $100 note - one of my favourite designers, Christopher Kane, and one of my favourite shops, Topshop, have released a brilliant collection that made me dribble a bit onto my keyboard. Loads and loads of studding and eyelets and gems and an inexplicably awesome crocodile make this one of my favourite Topshop collaborations. Loving the pretty pink and tough embellishments of the Bodycon dress and the feminine cut of the One Shouldered Lace Dress . Hey, the exchange rate isn't too bad at the moment...!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring/Summer '09/10 Catalogue Online Now

Released today, we've already got a waiting list as long as my arm...it's easy, click on the pieces you like to buy; and if they're not available just yet, just email info@frockyou.com.au to ask to be put on the holds list!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Babysitter's Club - Fashionistas You Pretended To Forget About

In volume three hundred and forty seven of the "nothing much happened today except a woman in Myer confused me for a salesperson and I spent twenty minutes recommending gifts for her two year old great-niece, none of which she approved of, and all depsite my not black and white but green dress and lack of nametag sugesting I am in fact a customer myself" (true story) files which mean I will simply nab something from another blog to share with you - a newsletter from Frankie landed in my inbox today just in time to cure my 3 o'clock fuzzies, and in it was a link of such joy and glee and fond reminiscience that I can't help but share:

You know how books when we were kids were just so much better (Harry Potter excepted)? There were no twatty faced Mileys preening about. There were beautiful blonde twins who managed to fit an awful lot into a year or so of high school, in a Utopian town in California called Sweet Valley. There was a group of business minded, intelligent and super friendly kid-minders in Connecticut. They all wore remarkably creative outfits, no brands required. What Claudia Wore is a blog devoted to those outfits (well, the BSC ones anyway), "a delightful mish-mosh of Gossip Girl obsessing, American Apparel mockery, explorations of the term 'hipster' supplemented by Toothpaste for Dinner cartoons, anecdotes about falling under buses, etc." What began as merely indexing outfits became fullblown editorial and commentary, all of it funny and gloriously indulgent. This is the bit that got me:

You know the classic "I had 10 Mickey Mantle rookie cards and my mother threw them all away!" sob story? I think our generation's (well, the subset of our generation that was literary/dorky enough to be really, really into the Baby-sitter's Club, at least) sob story is going to be "I owned a complete collection of BSC books and my mother sold them at a yard sale!" I hear this sentiment a lot. From fully grown women. And they are still upset about it.

I am. A good few years ago I sold an entire SET of original Babysitter's Club books for a pittance. I think I bought new shoes and was happy at the time, but I am kicking myself now. Hmph.

Heck these posts are even annotated and referenced in far more detail than an Arts degree at Utas ever required. Quotes like this mean that my tiny mind is highly amused for the evening, and conveniently fill up space in my own blog, making it look like I have achieved more this evening than just giggling over layered push down socks and overalls:

"Claudia's style is unique. She doesn't often wear jeans, but she was wearing them today - only she'd cut patterns in the legs of the jeans (which were major faded) and was wearing leopard tights underneath so that they showed through. [I feel like we've all seen this on lookbook.nu.] She was wearing her Doc Martens with yellow shoelaces, and she'd used matching shoelaces to pull her hair back into a thick, long braid. Her earrings were a pair she made herself, out of little yellow feathers and black beads. And she was wearing a black and yellow striped flannel shirt buttoned up to her throat, with another pair of shoelaces made into a sort of bow tie."BOW TIE.(I hope season three of Gossip Girl brings us a scene in which Chuck Bass pulls open a drawer and it is just filled with, like, 100 bowties in perfect rows on some sort of custom-made bowtie organizer. They should be organized by color.)"

I'm being serious.* This is Gen-X & Y genius. Which means Ann M Martin should've been the costume designer for Sex and the City. Just think about that, while I leave you with this:

You know how I'm always talking shit, scoffing at sub-par Kishi concoctions and whatnot? Well, I have no complaints here: ". . . her eye for color and style shows in the way she dresses. It's always distinctive and funky. Today she was wearing purple-and-white-striped tights, Doc Martins [sic] (except she'd taken them off to sit on the bed), a short black ruffly skirt that looked like it was part of a women's Olympics figure-skater's costume, a purple cropped sweater with silver button covers on the back buttons, and a scrunchy black velvet hat decorated with purple and red velvet flowers."You know, I have a skirt that sounds kind of like that, although it's just a short black cotton skirt with ruffles of layered lace - not so figure skate-y. I haven't quite figured out how to wear it yet. Stacey wore: ". . . she had pulled her blonde permed hair back into a complicated braid threaded with green ribbon. The ribbon matched her shoes. She was wearing silver capri pants, an oversized shirt [surprise!] with a green belt [I still don't care for the over the shirt/extraneous belting, but that's just me], a green checked short skirt [over the capri pants? do they mean capri leggings?], and gold leaf-shaped earrings."

Watch for Supre's new BSC collection to hit stores soon.**

*mostly. It is pretty inspiring, and at least original.

**Joke. But it will probably come true.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chip Chop Goes to Hollywood!

If you can ignore the little paragraph over there -----> that says self-promotion is limited to once a week, I just want to introduce you to the new season by one of my fav labels, Melbourne's Chip Chop. So, technically, it's not totally self-promotion, and by that assumption I'd be victorious if it came down to a lawsuit, Boston Legal style. At any rate, Chip Chop's last collection indpired by all things Pommy was a massive massive hit, picking up editorial in everything from Shoptilyoudrop to Harper's. This range promises no less, taking it's cue from the glitz and glam of Hollywood, tongue firmly in cheek.

For those of you who love the cotton canvas tote bags (they feel more like denim) you'll love the sparkly silver and bright pink print of the Le fame bag ($90) - I have the old school Love print on black in this style (sorry loves, it was a limited edition!) and I, well, love it to bits, as I can fit all neccessary equipment for taking a tot out for the day, or cramming paperwork/diaries/cameras/books for buying-slash-shopping trips to Melbourne. Or, for a party clutch that screams look at me but goives nothing away, the No Comment clutch looks a bit like a pencil case but has serious street cred. And at $40, it's a total steal.

Chip Chop has been one of our labels here at the Frock since we began, and it's been awesome to watch them grow. Hannah's talent for simple and totally effective tshirt prints is what really got them on the map - take this season's Waitress tee ($70)...read it and smirk!

My fave though is the Movie Lines tee ($70), not because it will encourage people to stare at your chest, but because it contains my favourite movie line of all time: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn..."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Frock You S/S'09/10 Frockalogue Sneak Peek!

Apologies for the quietness on the blogging front of late - aside from handling the oodles of new stock that is arriving instore daily, we've been busy little bees creating the Spring/Summer interactive catalogue for you! It's no small task - calling in samples, organising looks, booking models/locations/graphics, setting deadlines...plus it has been pouring with rain for the last few weeks (includinbg shoot days), making it difficult to get the whole carefree summer vibe across! However, in rare moments of sunshine (well, not-rain, anyway) we shot 3 different stories, and once the lovely Sabina finishes working her technical and design magic on the photos, it will be released for you to click-and-buy to your heart's content!

(Quick question - at this point, we're not printing copies because if you want to buy anything it has to be done through the website anyway, and we don't want to waste precious trees...but would a printed copy be something you Frockers would want to see, in a limited print run?)

Here are a few sneaky peeky looks...keep an eye out for a newsletter revealing all late next week!