Thursday, May 8, 2008

Soul Shopping

Australia Post give alot of people the shits but on the whole, I get very excited when I open the letterbox and find a parcel hapharzardly squashed in there, or see the red delivery van pull up out the front, or find parcels left in odd places like the recycling bin when I get home. There's a song on one of those afternoon kids shows "what's that sounds? Here comes that mail; what's it gonna be? Who can tell!" and it's more annoying than Tom Cruise let loose in a furniture store BUT I always hum it when the mail comes. Erm, yes, that is true. Why? Is it some deep-rooted need to feel like someone, somewhere must like me because they send me stuff? A stamped, self-addressed popularity contest (the red van never stops next door, so ner!)? Is it some innate need to capture the magic of unwrapping Chrsitmas presents every day? Well, possibly all of the above but mainly cos I buy alot online. A LOT. It's fun, cheap (mostly) and really, there's a whole wide (web) world out there waiting to be shopped! *Women agree and giggle excitedly, men roll their eyes and click away to * This week for example, I've had parcels from as far afield as Argentina, Tenerife (thanks, etsy) and London. Everything from skirts and frocks to baby clothes to ribbons and material, plus some gorgeous original prints that, as my partner said, are "completely pointless" but, as I said, "so pretty!". As tonight's post has to be short and sweet because I'm suffering serious sleep deprivation/work overload, here is a quick rundown of some of the sites I've frequented lately:

Topshop *OH MY GOD JUST NOTICED THE SALE SECTION IS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!* but last week I picked up a cute stripey dress for about $30; shipping is about $17 and generally takes a week. Check out the Maternity section too, for lasses with a bump, I stocked up when we were in London and it's about the only cool maternity label I can find!

Etsy a gorgeously girly print from Munieca and a very sweet, inspiring print from shelbyhealey . Shipping is usually ony a few dollars worldwide for small items such as jewellery and prints, and you buy direct from the artist so the service is top-notch!

Ribbons from Ribbons Galore - a seriously huge catalogue, cheap and fast post without the hassle or staff of Spotlight. Gorgeous!

Les Corbeaux dress and skirt from LaLa Orange in Perth, WA - great discounts on designer labels from the boutique - I think the items on the site are leftovers from their shop but there are some good bargains. I got a brilliant, simple and classic black dress and skirt for $60! Shipping took about 3 days and (I think) was $7.50 via Express.

Fabric from RedRepot in the USA - such a cute and HUGE selection and shipping was $12. Get crafty!

plus don't forget ebay - often rich ladies have "wardrobe cleanouts" to make room for the new Rolls Royce or something so you can often pick up a few brand new designer items at teeny tiny prices. Am a sucker for Alannah Hill cardis and you can find them for $60-$80 easily!

See, online shopping might not be good for the wallet but it's good for the soul. Sigh.

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