Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SJP Gets back to Nature

My friends and I have convinced ourselves it wouldn't be a total cliche to have a girl's night out to see the Sex and the City movie next month (even though there will be 4 of us, with great shoes). I just hope I don't get stuck sitting behind someone who decides to replicate Sarh Jessica Parker's premiere outfit - gorgeous pale green dress by Alexander McQueen, headpiece by Allen's Garden Centre:

Was it some sort of play on Candace Bushnell? Or have giant brooches been replaced with giant, erm, bushes (Without meaning to sound coarse)? Kirstin Davis looked beautiful as ever in a vintage red frock, Kim Cattrall also shone in red but here looks like she's getting hives from SJP's accessories, and Cynthia Nixon's classic black looks good albeit boring. And it's hard to focus on her face.

I've read interviews with Sarah Jessica Parker where she has admitted she knows little about fashion really, just has great stylists. Peter Griffin said "she has a face like a foot" which is a bit harsh (ok he's fictional but still) but it gives me the shites when people assume that SJP is Carrie. She isn't. She's a nice lady who has obiously sacked her stylist-of-the-moment. Carrie is also not the Elizabeth Bennett of our age, as claimed by various commentators. Elizabeth Bennett would have had two pairs of shoes, tops; was a virgin until she married Mr D'Arcy (unless I missed the inside scoop in the Oct 1815 edition of Women's Weekly); and Ms Austen certainly had enough wit to pen a story without littering it with blatant product placement....oh, who am I kidding. I'll go see the film, buy new shoes and feel nostalgic for awhile that we won't see these four ladies light up the screen together again. It'll also probably make me want to blog about what an awful, awful overstyled and underwritten mess Cashmere Mafia was.....

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