Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Scotsman who Swears? Feck off

I like Gordon Ramsay. I like the way he tells it like it is, gives struggling/ignorant/arrogant restauranters a kick up the arse, and I honestly can't see what the fuss is over *shock* a Glaswegian who uses four-letter words alot. At least he doesn't shoot up and stab people, which is just as acceptable as swearing in Scotland's largest city (can I back that up with facts? No, but we used to live in Edinburgh so therefore I know it to be true. The Bugghers all swear it is). Yeah, it's not appropriate for kids to watch, but isn't that why the show comes with an M rating and language warning? WHY CAN'T YOU SWITCH THE TV OFF IF YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE? Or even to another channel, you must have at least 4 others to choose from. The other shows might be useless, mindless dribble but at least the word "shit" doesn't come into it.

There is a Senate Enquiry into swearing on telly. Sure, decent standards need to be upheld (aren't these regulations already in place?) but at what point does one's own responsibility come into it? Why must society always blame somebody else (preferably a Pom)? What happened to free speech? I mean, I could sit here and write so many swear words that Billy Connoly would blush, but if I prefaced this post with a language warning you could hardly be shocked by it, and you, as a reasonably thinking member of society, therefore have the choice to keep reading (which you would anyway because we all love a bit of scandal or a touch of taboo) or simply click away to another site. Ever watched an episode of Today Tonight or A Current Affair? (Be honest, I can't see you nodding) almost every night without fail there is a story about somone blaming somebody else for something that's happened to them. We want to completely absolve ourselves of responsibilty. Why? Is it because we are being conditioned to expect perfection at every turn? That we will be shunned as bad parents/spouses/friends/employees if we make a mistake? "Oh, but it wasn't my fault, if the government had done this-and-that it wouldn't of happened". "Oh, my kid only swears becuase he saw Gordon Ramsay do it." Bullshit. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, I say. Chuck it hard enough to knock some common sense into those intent on playing the blame game. Feckin' eejits.

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  1. When it comes to Gordon Ramsay, he is like a demi god. And he's coming to the Good Food and Wine Show on the 20-22nd of this month. Spiffingly awesome.