Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures in Trackpants and Sensible Clothing

Shopping bans are the flavour of the season. For some reason, the clever folk out there thought it would be amusing to torture us with new season goodies while at the same time telling us that restraint is the word du jour. I wondered if I could do it for a week, but quickly gave up on the idea, mainly because my partner just looked a bit wistful when I told him, like I'd mentioned a golden age sans-shoe cupboard I had once let him glimpse into but that would never come to fruition. The idea is, you buy nothing except food and pay bills, and find a newfound calm and possible inner glow in the reversal of your spending habits.

Bollocks to that. Sorry, not going to set myself up for abject failure. The rush from shopping might be shortlived but the glow you get from wearing your gorgeous new boots takes at least half a season to fade. Anyway, the point is, I sort of did succeed this week, without even trying. Sort of. See, we had nice family shopping trip on Saturday morning, in order to purchase (wait for it) sensible *shudder* clothes to take on our upcoming trip to New Zealand. Now, if you're not a sporty lesbian-ish type with a penchant for unflattering pants, the choice in travel wear is fairly limited. (Note: nothing wrong with lesbians, I just mean the minimally feminine). So, while I did not purchase anything sparkly all week (success!) I did end up purchasing quite alot. But it's rare that the Mr of the house is willing to go clothes shopping and even rarer that he spends more time in the changeroom/browsing the racks than I do, so I had to seize the opportunity and just make occcassional detours to Sportsgirl to refresh and hope that they had lots of nice warm and chic knitted beanies so I could avoid a flat polar fleece headwear option (they do, and I did. Phew.). Sensible travelwear surely counts as a must-have, right?

A few merino tshirts for me, a very expensive jacket for Mr and a cute set of matching gloves and scarf for Charlotte later, I was too afraid to check the bank balance. Then it dawned on me that we had just bought techy New Zealand-made items that are all the rage and apparently worth the price take right back to NZ. I'll spew if they have some sort of Southern Alps merino factory tour where you can buy half price items. The fabrics are all very nice and stuff, it's just they insist on making mostly butt ugly colours in yukky cuts. For non-sporty types like me, it doesn't work. How hard could it be to create something mildy flattering/fashionable out of these magical materials? (I'm sure the magical capes in Lord of the Rings were just some sort of Gortex. Sooo going to ask Frodo when I see him over there. Yeah.). Basic tees, yeah you can get away with. But pants? Talk about big arse factor (and not becuase I just have a big arse, seriously it was the pants). Coupled with a baggy fit and some sensibly chunky walking shoes, I know in my heart of hearts I would be warm, snug and dry, but the vainer outer layer could not cope with the feeling of looking and feeling le frump. So I put it to you, Kathmandu: for one, stop making your shit in China; and another, make something nice out of them! Men can get away with the sporty/outdoorsy/cargo sorta look. Some women can; most can't. Can it really be that hard?

Wait, it gets better. I also braved the techno dancefloor that is Supre again (sans child, she cried when I pointed it out so her and Daddy went ahead to order babycinos and wait), wrangled my way through the overstuffed rails to the Sporte section (seriously it's called that) to buy trackpants *hands rush to mouth in shock*. Stretchy ones with an overlapped waistband, as I felt this was the better option over simply showing up to my new stretch class in leggings and a crop top (eew). Though, some girls showed up to work at Supre in this outfit, so possibly nobody would notice. Or care, obviously. What's the hotline for the Fashion Police?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WIN A Year's worth of Denim from GRAB!

We just started this promo today and it's going NUTS! The lovely lasses at GRAB are giving you lucky sods (I can't enter *sob*) the chance to win a new pair of jeans every month for a whole year. Yep, 12 pairs of brand spanking new skinnies, distressed, bootcut, wideleg, black, washed, blue...the latest looks for a grand price of $0! Well, strictly speaking it'll cost you whatever you pay for a pair of GRAB jeans from Frock You (they start at $99), and each time you buy a pair you get two entries into the draw. You're not even competing against other GRAB stockists, this is purely for Frockers only.

All the deets are on the GRAB page and also in the newsletter we whipped up this morning. You don't even need to fill in any forms or answer a dodgy "25 words or less" question. Just buy a pair, and we do the rest! Comp runs til 31st May...and if your fav pair have sold out, we will be restocking so don't fret. You can always Contact Us if you're desperate for something!

I truly adore the Rushcutter Double Black - Laura (currently battling glandular fever, which is why there are so many flat lay shots on the site at the mo! poor dear) wore them in a shoot and refused to take them off! They are sooo comfy, sit higher on the waist so there's no bum crack/muffin top and work back so easily with everything, winter or summer. I'm not usually a fan of black but this winter's soft goth lacey/military/structured jackets make them a perfect basis for just about any look.

We've also just recieved the Darwin Faded skinny, which make a great alternative if you've spent the last few seasons, like yours truly, living in dark washes. They look great for working more casual 'rock chic' looks with printed tees, oversize knits and for spring/summer with whites and neutrals.

And the classic bootcut Kilda jean is one of GRAB's ongoing bestsellers - universally flattering, and Kate Moss's current cut of choice (alright she's not been snapped in GRAB but some heeled boots and a loose knit over bootcuts is a look you can get away with from the playground to shopping strip), they make you look balanced, slimmer and chic. With spare change from a green note. Awesome.

While you're at it, pick up some of GRAB's fabulous basic tees (I LIVE in these! Well, ok, I live in a house, but I wear these tees an awful lot) and gorgeous 2 or more GRAB items and we just might send you a free GRAB sling bag. The Quilted Fleece bomber is so snuggly and has a really cool, edgy designer look to it; or try the Chiffon Trim Bustier for evening for a totally chic and seriously sexy look (with the Ruschutters and some dangly earrings...woah mama!).

Just to recap: buy a pair of GRAB jeans, wear them and look hot, do absolutely nothing else and you may very soon find yourself with a new pair in the post, each and every month!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ooh La La: Looks from Fashion Week

It would be so glamourous to be a globe-trotting fashionista who can stomp along the most stylish streets in the world, dressed to kill while desperately trying to look like you don't give a damn and at the same time incredibly conscious of what everyone is wearing. Sigh. However, the reality of a Fashion Week is far removed from that, so viewing it in the safety and comfort of your pjs is kinda more fun in it's own way. The week in Paris has finished and here are some lovely looks that emerged (not overly groundbreaking, but it's time to play it reasonably safe...):

Lanvin - lovin' a bit of nude at the mo (the colour, as public nudity gets one arrested), and this little strapless number just makes me think of how much better Nicole Kidman's oscars dress could've been. No need for full on feathers, just a bit of grungy raw edges on a feminine shape.

Just look at the dress, not the model (eek! shield the children!). Gloves look awesome, though I'm not sure how many of us can ger away with them on a daily basis. A bit of shulder detail, a modern update on classic LBD shape. Thumbs up. Don't you love my technical interpretations?!
Isabel Marant did lots of fur coats, which do look glam but, you know, it's a DEAD animal. As are leather jackets and shoes I guess, but they're not fluffy. Anyway, this look involves no fur, is chic, modern, effortless and involves a blazer, possibly my all time favourite jacket now that school is at a safe distance of 8 years ago:
Jean Paul Gaultier does dramatic oh so well. Peekaboo cutouts, unashamedly I-Am-Rich black dresses and a splash of colour makes a successful show, indeed:

John Galliano brought colour and "orientalist decadence" to the runway for Christian Dior *love*:

Designers might have taken the safe route, but at the same time nothing there makes you think "hot for 15 mins"...investment dressing will be very easy next season methinks!
Pics from

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Job, Vogue, but where are my boots?

I finished it. And the High Street supplemeent wasn't overly original, but tehre were a few key pieces I am happily lusting after, AND can afford! So: Mission Accomplished, Vogue. (Well, ok they didn't do it for me personally, but if your Regular Kat can relate, then so can other Regular Joes out there). Now, if only I could find those heeled laceup boots...they don't seem to be anywhere! *hides in corner crying*

Also keeping an eye on Paris Fashion Week fall '09...ooh la la! Watch this space...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

High-End or High-Street? Or Who-Cares?

I have paused in my deliciously slow perusal of the new Frankie magazine becuase I could not go past the irresistible orange (and stripey) front cover of this month's Vogue. Oh, and the words 'Vogue Shops the High Street'. I'm yet to read it fully (relaxing of an evening with a cuppa and a magazine is my little treat) but I'm hoping it's slightly more credible then their 'Christmas gifts under $100' feature in the December issue. It was very pretty and all, but I probably wouldn't buy people $90 candles or soap or card holders. There are better ways to spend a green note.

It's mildly scary when even high-end mags need to take this stance. The new issue of Shoptilyoudrop (out Monday with lots of lovely Frock You pieces in it) has a "Buy Budget Look Luxe" coverline, which is a-ok becuase Shop unashameadly encourages mixing high-end with high-street. But Vogue? American Vogue have done it too, a sobering reflection of economic times...and yet glossy mags still carry bags worth (or at least, priced at) more than a couple month's rent. It almost feels like (alright, subconsciouly we all know it but won't admit) they're 'tapping into the trend' of budget shopping simply to make us mere mortals feel a connection to their glossy pages. "Yeah, see my wicked poly blend top from Dotti? Was in Vogue. I know, I'm THAT cool". It works, I fell for it. Sigh. Clever clogs. Speaking of clogs, the cover also poses the tricky question, "Are Shoes the new It Bags?" It's good to see some things never change...

If you just went "pft" at that little question about shoes, then here's a site you'll love: Worldwide Womenswear Digest . It's funny. Trust me. Download the magazine and laugh, scoff and ultimately feel better about yourself 'cos you are above caring if your shoes are sooo right now or not. Even if you do, a little bit. Titters galore!