Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Shipping!

In case the big red letters across the front of the website weren't clue enough, we're running a free shipping offer all this week! That means all orders from Albany to Amsterdam are shipped totally for free, no minimum spend. Wooo!

So, what to buy? Our latest newsletter contained some fabbo chrissy gift ideas to help you get organised in plenty of time; as well as outfit ideas for Little Frockers and party frocks for you lasses.

For bubs, cute gift ideas include the hugely popular Cuski Comforters ($39.95), which are a great alternarive to dummies or blankies. Essentially a little star shaped toy that feels like a soft face washer, Cuski sleeps one night with Mummy and/or Daddy, and absorbs the comforting smell. Then, whenever your little one needs settling, Cuski is there with the scent of Mum (or Dad), helping bub to calm down. Plus you won't have a massive orthodontic bill in 15 years time! We'd also reccommend the Baby Teresa range of onesies and rompers - in cute unisex stripes, when you buy one (and they come in a nice little gift box), another is donated to a baby in need. thus, you're really giving twice! Prices start at $29.95.
Little Frockers can look seriously cool this party season in pieces like these:
Itch Pacman shorts ($44.95) Um HELLO retro cool!
Knuffle Kid Prom Skirt ($49.95) part pirate, part party, these wicked skirts are reversible, unique, and seriously everytime we sell one, the next day we get an email raving about them! Especially cool for the girl who doesn't do pink!
Walnut Tennis Shoes ($29.95) These are so chic they came in mummy sizes too. Whether they're worn with jeans, a twirly skirt, skate shorts or a mini, they have that breezy summer effortlessness that's just so...well, cool!
Gabrial Saynte Tees (from $23.99) It actually doesn't get cooler than these. The prints are all original and they all rock! We've got a massive restock on order and fingers crossed they arrive before Christmas 'cos they are guaranteed to please parents and kids alike!

And party frocks? Look no further! Whether it's classic black or a bold hue, these little numbers will have you dancing til dawn, and leave some spare change in your evening clutch:
Blue Juice Spring Reflections Binding Dress ($89.95) the front is simple and flattering, and the back has a sexy deep-v with strappy trims. Plus, it's pink!
Mimosa Jewel Trapeze Dress ($169.95) for the fashionista, this is a really chic little piecew ith gorgeous beading on the shoulders. It's draped but not in an oversized, sack kinda way. Which is always a plus!
Sunny Girl Jewelled Dress ($69.95) I'm not sure which designer this is, ahem, imitating, but it's been emulated by heaps of fast-fashion labels this season, and it's easy to see why - the jewel detailing is gorgeous but not OTT. The Sunny Girl version is classic and easy to wear black, plus it has detachable straps in case you need extra supoprt!
Motel Olga Dress ($110) Motel is one of our most popular labels, and their dresses are so simple but so eye-catching. The Olga has miliarty-style brass button detailing, flattering cap sleeves, and a sexy figure hugging cut. Tick!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ARIA Awards Red Carpet

The thing is, there's only about 20 million people in Australia. So when we have red carpet events, celeb pickings can be a little slim. The 2009 ARIA's are on tonight in Sydney and the first batch of piccys to circulate have more than a few blank spots. Thankfully though, music awards leave lots of room for individual expression, outrageous styling and raised eyebrows, making them far more interesting than the uber-grooming of the Oscars...

The fallout from being super duper overly thumbs-up positive and colourful on kiddy tv made former Hi-5er Charli Delaney go for minimilast black. In every sense of the word.

Loving the colour, the shoulders and the piping on singer Lisa Mitchell's frock. She's got the whole short hem/long sleeves balance down pat. And some knockout bangles to boot.

Here's LadyHawke in a sensible grey jersey Hobbit gear:

I had to look twice - this is Kate Ritchie, looking very chic and rather fabulous without being overdone. Bravo!
And now some Little Black Dresses, without so much Little in 'em:
Sarah Blasko rocking the statement shoulder;
Clare Bowditch in a plastic, carbon-neutral frock;
and newly gingered Kate Miller-Heidke *wolf whistle*
Finally, Renee Cassar in a big red bow. Christmas is not for another month, love.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I only have one word to say to you:

Croquembouche. OMG. I have never dribbled at the telly before, but this towering creation put to the Celebrity Masterchef-ers by Adriano Zumbo was positively, seriously and completely mouth watering. Plus, what an awesome word!

It's a swirl of chocolate and vanilla custard filled profiteroles covered with caramel and finished off with pretty toffee butterflies. Not on your nelly would I be attemtping this, particularly since my last baking effort, a simple vanilla cake with frosting, erm, mainly stuck to the pan. Tasty though.

However I do have a particularly talented/brave amigo who is going to make it for our girl's night christmas dinner. I am on my way over there now to deliver several packets of bandaids in anticipation (yummy caramel can apparently burn like buggery). If it works, there will be photos, there will be carbs, and there will be sugar-high festive frivolities galore. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cleo - Surprise!

I had a pleasant surprise at Melbourne airport on the weekend. And it wasn't the 1.5 hr delay courtesy of Jetstar. That didn't surprise me at all, as last time it was a whole 6 hours. No, the surprise was in one of the many newsagent stands dotted around the departures lounge. Hmmm, thought I, I've found some awesome summer shorts thanks to Witchery, conveniently also in the departure area, now all I need is a really cool short summer jacket and a big plasticy mansyle watch. Swatch comes to mind. Oh look, Lily Allen on the cover of Cleo. Maybe I should buy it to read while I wait. Oh look, you get a free pink watch. OH LOOK, a white one here at the back! Sold!

Except I nearly didn't buy it, as I was cashless and you had to spend $10 to use EFTPOS. Yep, Cleo + ideal watch cost a whole $7.95. Bargain! But how to purchase? Avoid the chocolates! Don't do it! How about a packet of those all natural dinosaur lollies?
"Yep they are $5 so you'll be able to use your card," said the pleasant lady behind the counter.
$5 for lollies! Oh well, saved about $200 on a potential watch purchase so might as well treat myself.

I walked away pleased to have ticked another item of my list, but then was hit with the post-shopping guilts: had I just wasted some trees? I hadn't read Cleo since I was in high school and I didn't fancy flicking through articles on fake tan, how to sexy-fy yourself and bed as many hot young empty-headed things as possible. I had read that a recent editorial change was resulting in positive change for the mag, giving it a fresh new voice and distinguishing itself from the other C, Cosmo. No harm in giving it another chance!

The cover looked partly promising: smaller fonts with lines like "how to be a gorgeous mess", and "Lily Allen: not a wallflower" caught my eye. I could care less about Britney's stylist, overanalysing, and I'm slightly confused by "All Tomorrow's Parties". What are the kids talking about these days?

The opening "What's Now" section, aside from possibly being grammatically questionable, features, among other things, smirk-worthy quotes from Anna Wintour; an interesting profile on accessories designer Pamela Love; the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger posing in Hudson jeans but not saying much of interest; an Etsy-inspired 'make your own designer accessories' which would probably end in disaster for most of us; and "Peaches Teaches", an inexplicable column where Peaches Geldof, qualified life coach/psychologist/counsellor that she is, gives advice to readers on relationships, magazine addiction, and life. Huh?

Lily Allen's 4 page spread is a good read, not overly enlightening, but at least she never sounds like a broken record/marketing puppet. Less interesting is Samantha Brett's excursion to Ken Paves' Salon in Beverly Hills to experience hair extensions, celeb-style. Exciting. The promising 'how to be a gorgeous mess' story profiles the 'new' deco-glam look - looking done but undone. Great look for the party season - sexy, sultry, but in an effortless kinda way.

The Christmas gift guide has some great little ideas for everyone from your pooch to your parents. Further on, "The Gospel According to Gwenyth", in which Nicole Elphick tries to live a week via Goop principles, is hilarious. Agave syrup, anyone? A profile on Whitney Port is pretty bland, but the vibe picks up again with stories on 4 readers who threw caution to the wind to go travelling (would definitely recommend this myself). Of course, these are just the main articles thaty caught my eye; there are plenty more covering everything from partying safely to the "Kanye West syndrome".

The fashion pages are, predictably for a December issue, all about party outfits and bikinis. Considering my stomach has been stretched beyond recognition and not yet back to it's post-pregnancy shape (nor will it ever vbem Heidi Klum I am not), and we tend to party at a local pub/quasi-indie club where anything goes, these are not of huge interest to me personally. But, Cleo showcases lots of affordable fashion and local talent, which is a huge plus.

Beauty contains such gems as "lid vicious" in showcasing the coolest looks of the catwalk. Green eyeshadow, electric pink lips, and bold eyeliner all get a run. Not for everyone, but if you can't experiment with pink eyeshadow and orange lips when you're young, when can you?!

Love & Lust delves into hot summer romancin', an aphrodisiac test-drive, matchmaking, and all manner of relationship ups and downs. A fun read, probably not best to take all the advice to heart, and reminiscient of high school giggling seshs. Seshs? Seshes? Sessions, incidentally, is what I'm trying to say. Yeah I'm so not young enough to read Cleo anymore. Can I add a LOL here? No? Ok.
The 'free' Cleo Body Book is full of positive advice, some yummy recipes, exercises that will make you look like Jessica Alba, and a story entitled "Eat the Rainbow", which I have also seen on Sesame Street. It has a catchy little tune and all!

So overall, I was pleasantly surprised (just to reiterate the sentiment yet again in this post) by the new-look Cleo. Not a mag I'd buy every month, but it's an easy summer holiday read and, for once, I didn't feel let down forking over my money for a promising looking glossy that didn't deliver in content. Congrats, Cleo!
ps my scanner is shite so I can't scan in any mag pages. They are available for flicking at your local newsagent!

Monday, November 23, 2009


If one goes to a shop to purchase something, in general you would expect the following to happen:

Customer finishes browsing the store, after being acknowledged but not harrassed by staff, chooses item and proceeds to payment counter.
Sales Assistant: "Hello, how are you?"
Customer: "Good thankyou, how are you?"
SA: "Pretty good thanks! Gosh that's a cute/lovely/bargain dress/bag/shoes/accessory,"
C: "Yes, I'm pretty happy with it!"
SA: "Certain amount of $$ please"
C: "Here you go...thankyou"
SA: "Thankyou, goodbye!"

That's pretty bland and open to all sorts of interpretation, but the general gist is a basic, simple, and effective transaction. SA gets on with their day, C leave shappy and will probably return in the near future.

What you don't expect to happen is one of the following (note: these all happened in Myer within days of each other, to me or the person I was shopping with. Myer HR peeps please take further note).

Customers drawn into busy department store by large pink sign which reads "30% off all bags". Sign notes high end designer bags are not included, but does not note that the bags were perhaps the staff in this department.
C: "Oooh brilliant, here's this insanely practical and versatile tote I was planning to purchase anyway. Might as well grab it today!" trots off happily towards register, before being halted in tracks by the ridiculously long queue (bags and shoes are in the same area, service dby a grand total of one register).
C: "errrm......" *lightbulb goes off above head* "I'll head down towards the register where the scarves and stuff are, save waiting in line behind 465 people asking to try on shoes."
Customer arrives at counter. Beyond-middle-aged woman behind counter stops sucking lemons and turns around haughtily. Emits no sound.
C: "Could I buy this please, the line at shoes is really long."
SA: "Not really, you need to pay for it in it's own department."
C: "Well ok....but there's nobody here at all! I don't really have time to wait behind that line of people waiting to pay shoes. There's only one register over there, after all."
SA: sniffs "$119.95"
C: "oh the bags are 30% off today."
SA: "no if you buy two you get 25% off BUT YOU ARE ONLY BUYING ONE"
C: taken aback "oh sorry, there's a one-day sale sign over there that says 30% off all bags"
SA: "I TOLD YOU, it's 25% off if you buy two."
C: "But the sign..."
SA: "LOOK I'll give you 15% off but nothing else"
C: "Well thankyou, but the offer is 30% off?"
C: "Can you see the pink sign there? It says 30% off? Maybe if you go a bit closer to read it?"
C: puts bag down on counter and backs away slowly, back towards the giant pink sign stating 30% off.

I thought it was only older people in big stores like this who are far too comfortable in their job to try, care or even begin to be bothered to offer some kind of service. But then:
C can't help but stop at rows and rows of lovely colours on display at high profile cosmetics counter. Considering most of her makeup bag is full of this particular brand, and previous experiences have been favourable, she decides to pick up some new eye colours.

Bored looking young SA with super shiny barbie pink lips. So shiny, C is tempted to pull sunglasses off head and back over eyes.
SA: "Can I help you?"
C: "Hi, yes I'm just after one of these eye colours" holds out hand with samples smeared all over
SA: deadly silent, points at one.
C: "err, ok, I think that's the one I liked best too"
SA: "Should I get it out for you?"
C: "yes please"
SA removes eyeshadow pot from locked drawer that C presumably had no access to and storms off to counter. C hasn't finishe dlooking so doesn't follow. SA returns.
SA: "Did you want something else?"
C's Companion: "I was after a blusher"
SA points to chair "Sit"
CC, not used to being talked to a la canine, stands stunned for a moment then sits
SA removes CC's makeup and applies powder followed by blusher. "You need lots of powder because of the redness in your cheeks"
CC looks in mirror. "Oh yes that looks nice, what was the other product you used?
SA as if she was speaking to a toddler "it was a powder" and turns away. CC rolls eyes, dismisses any idea of purchasing powder on top of blush. Both head to counter.
SA: "So you get 15% off yeah?"
C: "oh is there? thanks!"
CC: "is it 15% off everything?" (meaning, all the cosmetics your brand sells)
SA: "nooooo, just cosmetics"
CC: "yes, off all your products"
SA: stares like she has two heads "yeeeeesss. but I don't know about other labels. I've only been here, like, 2 days, this is, like, my second day." names discounted price.
C: "thanks. so what was the original price?"
C: "yes, thankyou, but what was the original price?"
SA: "you got the discount! why do you want to know?" throws bag on counter
C: "alright then, byyyyyyeeee"

2 days in, a heck of a lot to learn. Personality of a hairbrush, much?

Finally, the haven of the wrinkled and fuddy: homewares. That's not quite a fair assumption, but seriously every person who works in this department seems to have previously worked connecting phone plugs in an old time telephone exchange.

2 separate customers approach counter. Stout old matron doesn't look up. Nice customer gestures to the other, "you go first, I've got more things". Other customer thanks her graciously and puts towels down on counter.
SA: "I'm busy you'll have to go to another counter."
C: "Oh, right...notes there are no other customers aside from gracious lady I've only got these 2 towels?"
SA: "I'm busy!"
C: looks around and can't see any other staff "Is there anybody on the other counter?"
SA: "I don't know! Probably not, usually I'm the only one up here."
C: "Er, well if there's nobody else here..."
SA: "Look, go to the counter in giftware"
C: not keen to attempt a purchase again in different department "um, can I please just buy these?"
SA: huffs and puffs "look, fine, give them here " snatches towels, scans and roughly shoves in bag "there are never enogh staff. And I barely get a lunchbreak...*carries on in said vein for entire transaction. gracious lady turns and flees*...there." turns away again.
C: "Well thankyou very much".

It's understandable that people have bad days. But is it neccessary to be a total mole? Why not, oh I don't know, go out on a limb and try to not be standoffish? Maybe if you smile, despite your shit day, the rest of it might improve? Unfortunately Myer is one of those stores you keep going back to regardless. I'm sure they aren't the only ones with questionable service staff. Harvey Norman also springs to mind...but that's another story!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30% off today only!

You knew it was coming - time for another famous Frock You sale, and this time it's a corker: 30% off one day only (Wednesday 11th November)! If you've got the newsletter, you've already got a rundown of the most awesome buys - for kids, this summer is F-rockin', for bubs, it's all about prints, and for ladies? The (hot, steamy) sky's the limit - go nuts with neutrals, stock up on basics, get your Chrissy party frocks and shoes sorted, or just pick up some damn cool tops and swan around knowing you are the shiz. Or whatever it is kids are saying these days. To whit:

(does that makes sense? It sounds much nicer than "'ere, check this out, like", anyway. Oh and these are pieces not in this week's newsletter, cos you know, you've probably already seen those. and stuff. Prices below include the 30% discount)

One Teaspoon April Rose Fringed Tank $55.96 this is a nice fresh mauve - and not mauve like your mum's eyeshadow in 1985, more like a girly, swirled, pretty mauve in a loose fitting tank with fringing. Typically One Teaspoon (though that is a juxtaposition) it's so up-to-the-minute it's in a different time zone. One Teaspoon are not followers, they do their own thang and they do it with flair.

GRAB Button Through Stripe Top $48.96 this is a super cool piece you can throw on for casual days when you don't want to be a total dag, but can't really be arsed dressing up. Plus, it's stripey. It's kinda cropped and loose and lovely, so we've popped it over the GRAB Foil Jersey Seam Tank $27.96 which comes in a gorgeous peach shade (again, not peach circa 1983. We hope).

Sunny Girl Jewelled Dress $48.96 A fab party option, it's a new take on the LBD and has cute gemstone (well, plastic beads) detailing on the sides. Detachable straps mean you can have extra support if you need it, or you can go strapless and add a nice sheeny moisturiser or faux glow. Remember body glitter and stuff in the late 90's? I do. I loved it. And I have a tub of it I'm busting to use again - I found it for my Tinkerbell costume for Halloween. The early 90's have come around again, so surely the late 90's will be next? OMG will Britney be retro? But anyway, cute dress. And a bargain!

For the under-2's, onesies are so darn awesome - team them with chubby legs and cute little soft shoes and watch old ladies everywhere go "aaaw!". This 'sweet' print by Itch ($24.46) is a winner - bright, original and uber cute, you won't even notice food stains on this one!

And the over 2's can look suitably cool and brooding - let yer tshirt say it all, man. The Dragstar Tshirt by Munster ($27.96), teamed with skate shorts and a wicked hat, will rock the playground. And possibly the Kasbah.

The Oatmeal - Totally LOL

You know how sometimes you know you should be working, cleaning, eating or otherwise engaged in a productive task, but dang, you just can't be arsed? This is when sites like The Oatmeal come in handy.

A mix of random comics, titillating anecdotes and assorted quizzes that shit on anything Facebook can come up with, it's truly a LOL a minute - dare I say it, perhaps even a LOL every 30 seconds. I'm talking the types of LOL's that begin as a snicker, then a furtive glance to make sure no-one is seeing that you are giggling at 'Things Bears Love', then a full on GIGGLE, then a "check this out LOL" in your nearest chat window.

Such is the way we can spend late nights in this millennium. Awesome.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Diva, who are only a notch behind Supre on the dance music ear-blasting scale, now have an online store. This is awesome in so many ways, because let's face it, Diva is pretty rad. They really do have every outfit covered, and even though it's not the best quality stuff *cough*, for the most part you can update your look for under $15 so who cares!

The current issue of Madison showcases a gorgeous pair of circular drop earrings for the grand old proce of $22.99. I sifted through our local store, which is the size of a toilet cubicle but they cram an awful lot of stuff in there, to no avail. But never fear, I thought bravely, as I elbowed yet another pudgy teenybopper who was staring blankly at that sparkling wall of silver out of my way. I can buy it online!

Well, as it turns out, I can't. It's a cruel trick from the Divas above - if I can't find it, I'm only going to want it more and therefore hunt obsessively 'til I can find them. They're not on the website - please don't tell me they're last season! Or even worse - please don't tell me they were part of your wicked Buy One get One free sales and I missed out?

I compensated by spedning $5 on a statement necklace I'd spotted in Shoptilyoudrop last month (reduced from the advertised $29.95, I might add) and another $5 on a jewelled headband which was also reduced from $29.95. So in effect, my $49.90 saving compensated somewhat for my lack of dangly ear decorations.

But. I. Will. Find. Them. Or something else sparkly...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

(Short) Notes on a Scandal

It's rare that you see anyone at the races who looks glam in a non-trashy way. Men have it easy - shirt, tie, nice pants; but for ladies usually it means flimsy frocks, ridicluous headpieces and heels that are kicked off by lunchtime. Ok ok, so there are of course lovely fillys who frock up beautifully, but for the most part when you think 'races' you think 'stumbling around clutching a bottle of wine in one hand and shoes in the other'. Does make for a fun day out though.

Today, someone who was not Bec Hewitt wore SHORTS to the races and the world is in an uproar. This lady is studying to be a Doctor, and as it turn out, is originally from Tassie. Chantal Thornton said she wanted to do soemthing "a bit edgy, different and still appropriate", making the very good point that she didn't have to worry about her dress flying up in the wind. Not that many drunk tarts worry about that either.

She spent $1500 on her oufit (which really has nothing to do with anything except to show that she's put some effort in), has great legs, and is accessorised nicely. Nothing about her outfit is offensive, except to members of the Victorian Racing Club who warned her not to wear it again. Are they suggesting people routinely wear the same outfit to race days? That notion seems about as antiquated as making a fuss about tailored shorts. Ok, so if Jean Shrimpton hadn't worn a mini-dress way back when, we may have been saved from eyefuls of cellulite today, but surely stuffy old insitutions need a shake up from time to time. AND THEY'RE JUST SHORTS.

Locally, we know of a fellow who was refused entry to the local racing club on a stinking hot day, because he wasn't wearing a jacket. Nobody inside was wearing one either, but he wasn't allowed through the door until he had a jacket on. I'm all for dressing appropriately and presenting yourself well, but there comes a point where it all just gets a bit ridiculous.

How come Bec Hewitt was lauded (well, ok, not totally bagged) for wearing this? White shorts and a bra-style top...ummm...?