Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Aria Awards Red Carpet

After a very hectic couple of weeks (hence the lack of activity on the blog front) I finally had time last night to sit down in front of the telly, but unfortunately all that was on were the 2010 Aria Awards, inexplicably presented from outside the Opera House. But,  you can look past the teleprompter gaffs and windswept hairdo's when all you really care about is what everyone wore.

Music awards are a chance to go all out and wear the most ridiculously OTT frock you can find. I mean, wouldn't you wear the biggest, sparkliest gold sack you could lay your hands on, given the chance?

Sia sure as hell did.

This is what happened to the chick that used to be on Recovery (weirdly, I was thinking about her and Dylan Lewis, in a non-stalkerish way, just the other day. Can't say I expected to see her on the red carpet decked out in balloons though):

I do totally love Jessica Mauboy's frock though - sculptural bold colour never looked so fab:
 Also loving Megan Washington's divine red lace Alex Perry number. Glad she left her glasses at home this time.

I'm not sure of Rikki-Lee can sing anything aside from that Michael Jackson cover, but she can rock a bandage dress like no-one else:

I can't look at Lara Bingle's frock because I can't look away from her face. Too much bronzer is never a good thing, ladies!

I'd be happy to look at Ruby Rose's Miu Miu frock for hours though. AND it has pockets - it's almost practical! Erin McNaught also went for Miu Miu, albeit a bit more understated:

Apparently Angus Stone really, really loves his grey tshirt:

Kelsey Martinovich rocks the underwear-as-outerwear look, complete with kick-ass gloves:

And proving that shorter, sparklier, bronzed-er and see-through-er isn't always the best choice, Brooke Fraser does ladylike-quirky to perfection. Frankie readers around the nations swoon.

Who wore your favourite look?

(Pics from MTV; Pedestrian; FabSugar; SMH)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Climbing Towers. What A Job

If you're scared of heights, don't watch this. But if you reckon you have an office with a view, that's probably nothing compared to this! (Though I wonder ,how easy is it for them to get down and how do they do it?)

Stairway to Heaven (climbing towers) from Joe LaGreca on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer New Arrivals!

Today it was actually warm and sunny ALL day. Like, not just at lunchtime, or a sunny morning, but the whole day has been above 20 degrees, which is somewhat of an achievement. It means that after having loads of lovely summer frocks stockpiled, I can finally bust some out (though the tanning moisturiser needs to be busted out first). Here's some new summery stuff we've received recently:

Pink Stitch Muse Dress, $79.95 I'm not really a brown-wearing kinda person, which is actually quite irrelevant as this dress is more in the tan family. Ergo, I can wear this dress despite it not being the colour palette I usually go for. Hurrah! It looks so sophisticated and you only need minimal accessories - some delicate earrings and some killer heels should finish it off quite nicely indeed.

Birds of a Feather Pretty Woman Dress, $119.95 Alot of stuff about the early 90's was not cool. Flower hats, for example. But Pretty Woman was. And polka dots are. So this dress - it's cool. It's pretty. It's womanly. Love.

August Street Last Breath Dress, $74.95 This is so model-off-duty. With some ankle boots and layered necklaces, you could float around clutching a water bottle, phone, and giant latte and just generally look cool. It wouldn't matter if you were on your way to have your bikini line waxed or bunions removed, people would still think you were awesome. It's that kind of dress.

Birds of a Feather Naughty or Nice Top, $59.95 It's stripey and channels nautical chic without the need for rope acessories or wideleg white pants. Wear it with denim or contrast it with bold red. Or go all black and white and just swipe on your brightest lippy!

Living Doll Patched Distinction Tank, $34.95 When a plain black tank is much more than a plain black tank, it lends itself to a cute front pocket with lots and lots of beads of varying sizes and colours. A great top for those who love sparkly things in the daytime but who have to fend off complaints about people's eyes being dazzled in the summer sun from their sequinned mini. Sparkly daytime glam, for just $34.95.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fly Air New Zealand: They Rock

I didn't believe this was a true news story at first. Apparently, it is. In what is possibly the coolest thing an airline has ever done (the Virgin group must be steaming), Air New Zealand gave metal heads the flight of their life en route from Christchurch to Auckland to a Metallica concert- I'm talking free booze, air guitar, loudspeaker swearing, and captains that look like this:
Check out this article by Daniel Rutledge. Props to the granny who probably felt slightly confused upon boarding. Pure, pure awesomeness (and the article is pretty good, too).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jimmy Choo + Ugg = Chuggs

Maybe because Uggs are as much a part of our national psyche as vegemite, pointless public holidays and Speedos, it's hard for me to see them as a high-end fashion accessory. They're slippers. The comfiest slippers on the planet, for sure, but still, shoes for slipping into after a long day at the office/night at the pub. They're shoes that people wear in the comfort of their house; on trips to the corner shop to grab some milk or a Frosty Fruit; or, as certain sections of the community do, to hang out in local shopping malls in packs and swear at each other while shouting at their, uh, originally-named offspring. Other nations however, just don't see the bogan-chic side of it like we do. In other words, they like it so much that even Jimmy Choo collaborates with Ugg. From about $600 you could own a pair of Jimmy Choo...ugg boots. Ugg boots! Or, as they are now known, 'Chuggs'.

The designs are way cool, there's no doubt about it.  Maybe there's a sense of national pride underlying the scepticism I feel about this designer collab. Just like it's highly amusing that Blundstones are suddenly being coveted by Topshop - yes, Blundstones as in the sensible, practical work shoes that farmers wear; the ones that are made in a factory outisde Hobart. Fashion takes inspiration from all ways of life, sure, but bogans and farmers is maybe pushing it a little too far. Or at least, it's uncomfortable close to home to make it covetable. What do you think - funny or fab?!

'Chuggs' are available in the US from Oct 21.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are Those Waffles In Your Ears?

It's the kind of morning when the rain is bucketing down, it's grey and dark, and you just want to wrap your hand around a steaming mug of tea and stay inside all cosy-like.  Perfect weather for browsing Etsy actually, especially with the dollar at US.99c. In other words, better online shopping conditions could not really be hoped for.

The other day (when the dollar was at a measly 94c) I discovered Tiny Tasty, an Etsy store based in Oslo who create the cutest food-based (ok, mostly dessert-based) jewellery.
"Oh I love your waffle earrings!"
"Thanks, they're from Oslo". Oh yeah, that's a conversation I want to have.

Tiny Tasty treats are around $50 from Etsy. If you like the mug above, you can nab it from the Tea Appreciation Society for about $11.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty Rave: Delipscious Lip Balm

It's no secret that I have a somewhat burgeoning collection of lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks (but no lip liners actually. Can't be bothered with them). My latest acquisition is a Body Shop Delipscious Lip Balm ($19.95) in Berry. It's great for everyday wear - you know, when you sure as hell can't be stuffed with lippy, and shiny gloss is a bit OTT - as it's nice and moisturising (thanks, community trade cocoa butter) with just a tint of colour. Enough to say you bothered, but not so much that your mouth enters the room before you do. In other words, it's one of my fave lip balms to date, but then most Body Shop beauty products get my tick of approval. The only downside is that it's only available in 4 colours at the moment - 2 brown-based, a pale pink and of course berry. However, Delipscious also comes in 9 sheer lip colours, including a lush-looking raspberry that I think I'll try and sneak in to test next time I'm out shopping. Sneak, because the chances of a Body Shop sales assistant letting you get away with just one product are very slim.
5 stars!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

eBay LookBook

There truly aren't enough places for one to post pics of oneself online, are there? Heck, even eBay are getting in on the act, recently launching eBay LookBook. Clothes are a big deal on the 'Bay - there's also FashionVault, a designer discount sale section; and  FashionVoice, which is kind of a fashion blog where trendy people post clips, layouts and musings on their "ebay obsessions and personal style". In fact, now I've got all these windows open, excuse me for a moment while I go and bid on a few more maxi dresses...

With eBay Lookbook, you can upload pics of yourself if your fabbo eBay outfits and win a $5000 shopping spree; but if you're not a fan of self-photography, or simply prefer to do your online browsing in your pjs, you can also win some nifty prizes by voting for your fave looks. It's not quite the calibre of or Chictopia, but you've got to give them points for trying. Especially the guy in the straw hat. Dude!

Monday, October 11, 2010