Thursday, May 29, 2008

America's Next Top Model Is Phat

This is self-proclaimed "phat" girl, Whitney, the winner of America's Next Top Model vol 47476547639103. *GASP* she is a size 12, sometimes 14. Like, totally normal sized. We don't have Austar so I can only ever see this awesome spectacle of a television programme when Channel 10 run repeats over the summer, but it's the best bit of brainless nonsense ever. Even though they resort to doing tasteless shoots with homeless people, and I'm not entirely sure that any of the winners ever really get to be a "top model", it's still entertaining viewing. Whether this was some sort of marketing ploy or Tyra Etc honestly believe it's time to make some changes to the fashion industry, check out the above pic for serious phwoar factor (in a non-lesbian, purely appreciative way). She looks like an (airbrushed), proper woman. Compared to say, this:


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