Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Stuff For Little Frockers: Knuffle Kid & Freshbaked

Our Little Frockers only get deliveries a couple of times a year, as most labels only do A Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter drop, but when they do come in it's well worth the wait! (And, I've been spending the morning doing buying for next winter - February/March/April deliveries and it's all absolutely gorgeous, making my job harder but your job of stocking your littlies wardrobes that much easier...!)

New in this week we have Knuffle Kid summer styles, a Melbourne independent label that has serious vintage flair.  The Dapper Cardi in blue or black stripe is a cute unisex style which is just the ticket for Spring, while their well-knbown reversible vintage dress is back, this time in a cool black and white "Aloha" print and dark denim reverse. Too cool!
Freshbaked's first drop only just arrived yesterday, along with a box of thongs that we're giving away with every order of two or more Freshbaked items (including one new season piece). The next drop is due next month, but for now boys can pick up stylish summer shirt or two ($34.95 - $44.95), while girls have the option of two different , super comfy tank dresses ($39.95 - $44.95) or must-have tees ($19.95 - $24.95).

Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Awards Frock Round-Up

Pretty much every red carpet award event is primarily about the frocks. The awards themselves come a distant second (or perhaps fourth, after shoes second, and then hairstyles). Or is that awfully shallow? Oh who cares - the 2010 Emmy's were a frock extravaganza of the highest order! And I think Mad Men and Modern Family might have won some statues. Or something. Anyway:

Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri arrive at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010. UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom
Phwoar! Susan Sarandon is, what, 64? The lovely lass next to her is her daughter Eva - but she obv looks less than pleased about being shown up by her smokin' hot mother, looking splendid in Donna Karan.

Toni Collette in Valentino looks magical in her floating printed skirt. Or, it could look like she's waded through mud to get there. But I prefer the former.

Apparently Lo Bosworth went for a 60's Mad Men style makeover for the occassion. Unfortunately she also looks a bit like a secretary, with porn star shoes.

I always assume Anna Paquin is still 11. And I still think it, cos she looks a little...lost...amongst McQueen's glam warrior frock. Maybe it's just this pic, but you need a whole lotta attitude - and different shoes - to pull this one off.

Sofia Vergara from Modern Family would be hard-pressed to look bad in anything, but the first two words that popped into my head when I saw this were "tiger" and then "lemon". Um?

This is Claire Danes. Love the dress, she looks radiant - but also alot older than the last time I remember noticing her. Which was in that movie she was on with Leo di Caprio. When they played star crossed teenagers. Which was nearly 15 years ago. Bloody hell.

Here's Jewel, looking a bit like a doily. Or a slimline toilet dolly. Nice clutch though.

Sue Sylvester looks far better when she's not in an adidas tracksuit. I mean, Jane Lynch, looks far better in an eggplant Ali Rahimi gown then she does in an adidas tracksuit.

What's the first thing you notice in this pic? Christina Hendrick's amazing Zac Posen gown? Thought not.

Eva Longoria Parker looks amazing in Robert Rodriguez. But she kinda always looks like this. Almost too perfect, all the time. Perhaps she's more of a Stepford Wife and not a Desperate Housewife. Creepy.

Gone With the Wind is my favourite ever movie. However as far as I know, southern belle fashions are yet to make a fully-fledged comeback. Such a shame, says Glee's Dianna Argon.

Not sure about Kim Kardashian's hair, but her Marchesa gown is stunning!

Who was your fave?

(Pics from Redcarpet-fashion Awards; Famous; Just Jared; Harpers Bazaar)

Monday Street Style: Clogs

They are they must-have shoe look for Spring, thanks to the revival at Chanel's Spring 2010 RTW show. This week, let's check out how the cool kids on the street are wearing them:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Unhear It - Get That Song Right Out Of Your Head

A friend of mine recently suggested some new lyrics to Elton John's Tiny Dancer..."Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaaaa....":

Needless to say, the altered version of this 1971 classic was stuck in my head for days. Luckily I found Unhearit.com, a website for those of us driven to seperation by too-catchy tunes hammering away in our brains.
"Using the latest techniques in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology, we've been able to allow our users to "unhear" songs by hearing equally catchy songs. So all we're doing is making you forget your old song by replacing it with another one... sorry."

I tried it, and now have Wannabe happily circulating in my cerebral area. Whatever happened to Scary Spice anyway?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Balayage: Will You be Trying It?

It's one of those trends that, at first, had me sceptical. Mainly because circa 2009, photos of it-girls "rocking" the balayage look pretty much looked like they had let their apprentice haridresser younger sister* experiment on them at home:
Allegedly this is the look that started it all. Done correctly, the idea is that it's a softly graduated, freehand application of colour which can do amazing things to highlight and soften the face. Done incorrectly, it can just look like skanky regrowth. Oooh, harsh! But what I mean is, perhaps a softly, softly approach will work better for the majority of us...

Cameron Diaz "first" sported the look on the red carpet. Jessica Biel showed it off late last month, as did Drew Barrymore and Rose Byrne. Loose, flowing curls or a softly undone look works best - plus if you're lazy with your hair-doin', it's perfect as it's minimal in the upkeep department. And on these ladies, it looks downright amazing:

Will you be rocking this cool-as look this season?


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Funny Bits: True Game Show Answers

It's halfway through the working week; or, halfway to the weekend if you choose to look at it that way. At any rate, you might need a little pick-me-up that's cheaper than a new pair of shoes (though, we won't tell if you do) and/or has less calories than a Cadbury Bar of Plenty *dribbles a bit*, so here's a list of hilarious - and true - answers given on the UK game show Family Fortune. I was tipped off to this by last night's episode of QI, which means you could almost email this list to your friends of the intellectual variety without feeling like too much of a nonce.

Alas, speaking of nonces, let the list begin:

Something made of wool: "Cotton wool.."
An animal with three letters: "Lion.."
A French ferry port: "Dover.."
Something you mount: "A mountain.."
A slang word for a girl: "Slag.."
An animal with horns: "A bee..."
Something made of wool: "A sheep.."
A way to prevent snoring: "Put a pillow over his face.."
A word used to describe a very hot day: "A very hot day.."
A song from 'The Sound Of Music': "Dancing Queen.."
Something that Father Christmas does when he comes to your house: "Feeds your pets.."
Something that comes in 7's: "Fingers.."
A vocalist known by only one name: "Michael Jackson.."
A yellow fruit: "Orange.."
Something a Frenchman would say: "On Garde.."
A fast animal: "A hippo.."
Something you keep in the garden: "A cat.."
A character from Little Red Riding Hood: "Hansel and Gretel.."
Something that has a shell: "Batman.."
A mode of transport that you can walk in: "Your shoes.."
A part of your body you only have one of: "Your big toe.."
Another TV gameshow with the word 'family' in the title: "The Generation Game.."
A seaside resort on the south coast: " Rio de Janeiro.."
Something you open other than a door: "Your bowels.."
Something with a red light on it: "a Dalek.."
A job that a working dog does: "A slave.."
Something people might be allergic to: "Skiing.."
An occupation where you need a torch: "A burglar.."
Something you use a microchip in: "A fish-fryer.."
A dangerous race: "The Arabs.."
A game played in the dark: "Charades.."
A part of the body you have more than two of: "Arms.."
A bird with a long neck: "Naomi Campbell.."
Something taken from a hotel as a souvenir: "The lamps.."
A domestic animal: "A leopard.."
I hope you didn't just spit your cup of tea over your keyboard like I just did. Leopard! Slag! Naomi Campbell!
You can find the main list here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blue Juice Spring '10 Collection

Blue Juice continues to be one of our best-selling labels, and it with much cyber-whooping and cheering that the new collection has been received by you guys! Online for a week now, heaps of styles are already low on stock so make a move and nab your fav pieces quick smart. There's loads of party dresses to get you ready for party/races/wedding season (and the most expensive is just $119.95) as well as a host of gorgeous tops that will be perfect for sunny weekend brunches and/or shopping trips. My picks:

Oh So Pretty Ruched Chiffon Dress, $99.95 It might be the same colour as my mum's bridesmaid's dresses in 1984, but this dress really is oh so pretty. So pretty it would appear that Blue Juice's designers were lost for any other words to title it with. So. Pretty. And Peachy.

Face The Future Cap Sleeve Top, $39.95  In the depths of the greyest days of winter, Spring collections hitting the shops are always so refreshing, and nothing says "new season" like a dash of bold colour. Just like nothing says " buy me without feeling guilty" quite like a $39.95 price tag.

To Sir With Love Strapless Bow Dress, $89.95 Slightly confusing as it's clearly not strapless, but has a very on-trend single shoulder strap. Still, it also has a cute front bow, is a classic LBD, and has a sensational price tag.

50's Sweetheart Shirt $69.95 It's pale pink, it has polka dots, it's postitively pretty! Very feminine, it has a cool cutout detail on the back (but a bra-friendly one) and a totally retro feel.

Candy Street T-Bar Zip Back Top, $49.95 If you're not going for the pastel look this season, you'll be pleased to know the other major must-have is cool, grungy, military-inspired pieces like this simple t-back zip tank - easy to wear, it adds a little something extra to a versatile basic. You might not be able to see the people behind you admiring the back detail, but they will be, Trust me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Street Style: Full Skirts

It's nearly Spring! You can almost smell it...actually that's the lovely bunch of fresh flowers picked from my mother-in-law's garden today and lovingly, but not very artfully, arranged in a vase here on my desk. I would totally fail the Ladette to Lady flower-arranging course. Anyway, they are very Spring-like, as are this weeks street looks - full skirts, prints, mixed textures:

Monday, August 2, 2010

On Holidays. Back In 2 Weeks!

Yep, before the Summer season gets into full swing, I'm having some much needed time off. So, the blog will be empty for a fortnight or so while I do absolutely nothing. All work and no play makes me a dull girl, after all! See you soon with a QLD tan (the girls will be looking after you as always in the meantime). à bientôt!