Friday, May 16, 2008

Cate is Great...and so are you

Giving birth makes your body bleed, leak, weep, stretch and contort in ways you never imagined possible. Who, I ask you, WHO in their right mind would rock up to a glamour-infested film festival in the south of France roughly one month after, cool as a cucumber and calm as an, erm, really chilled out cucumber? CATE. COS SHE IS AWESOME.

She does set rather high standards though. I sure as hell couldn't be bothered discussing the future of the country with K-Rudd a few days after popping one out. Should we mere mortals aspire to be like Cate though? Those who could get away with that Armani gown are few and far between, but should we be churning out kids, back in shape, at work and glowing as ever within days? Or should we be cocooning ourselves indoors, in our comfiest clothes, gratefully accepting the help of family and friends, just taking time out, because when it comes down to it, we simply can't do it all? Are we even allowed to think that? And even if we could do everything, would you want to? Something as precious as the first time your newborn smiles is worth so much more than showing off your toned post-baby body, surely. Not saying that Cate is a negligent Mum. I reckon she is one of those rare Superwomen, who we should all admire, but not aspire to. Quite frankly, she rocks. But my daughter thinks I rock too, even though my hair looks funny sometimes and the house is messy and my shoes don't always match my bag. In her eyes, I am a very cool cucumber, and that means more to me than what today's societal standards and glossy mags dictate!

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