Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Street Style

Welcome to a new section at FrockOff - you know how Mondays can leave you a little blah? Particularly when, like today, it's a public holiday which means you're in full-on holiday mode and thelast thing you want to do is head back to work in the morning? Like how it's a whole 5 days until Friday when you can bust out those awesome new heels? Or how you're staring into your wardrobe wishing the office was an appropriate place for your new sequinned jacket? Or how you just can't find anything in there you like, despite it bulging and heaving and groaning uder it's own weight?

Well here's a snippet of street style to get you inspired - you might even realise that old cardigan you're sick to death of can suddenly be worn in a totally different, and thus new, way. There's also some celebs thrown in for good measure - but only on the street, in their natural habitat.

Think about Mondays as a blank canvas for a whole new week of outfits!

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