Friday, December 18, 2009

Cakewrecks: Feel better about your Baking

I found a book today called Cakewrecks. It was one of those wonderfully ridiculous, lol-inducing tomes that is hard to explain to the serious man in glasses next to you who is getting a bit huffy over your attempts to hide your snorting. I didn't buy it because I'm cheap like that, but also 'cos I noticed the book, in a parallel life, is also a blog. Which means you can enjoy many snickers and giggles for free, in your pj's, or perhaps in the office when work is just TOO dull. Much like lolcats, these lolcakes are just too awesome to pass by:

Incidentally, I think I will buy the book and give it to my Nanna for Christmas. She actaully does snort when she laughs, which will in turn be increasingly hilarious to watch. Spreading the festive cheer!

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