Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's In The Pantry?

Here's a website that may take over from Taste as my go-to when MIL asks for a quick Greek Salad for the weekend family BBQ and all I have in the cupboard is SFA. Supercook is the work of a genius - just enter the products you have in the pantry, it gives you some recipes, and you don't need to skulk round Coles in your Ugg Boots looking for the right kind of pitted olives. I found this site thanks to The Showpony, and thanks to The Showpony I've been sitting here for half an hour putting all sorts of ridiculous combinations into Supercook to see what would happen, or if it would self-implode if I put in "bananas, sweet chilli sauce and couscous". (It didn't, weirdly it just suggested "Namibian Black Eyed Peas". Yum). If you're thinking your New Year's Resolution is going to be a combination of organising your pantry/buying less, wasting less/spending more time on amusing websites, give Supercook a go. It's handsdown more interesting than simply reading about 4 Ingredients.

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