Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Featherhead: Handmade feather hair accessories

If you're a regular visitor to our What's New page you may have noticed our latest label, Featherhead. If you're an avid magazine reader/streetstylewatcher/glamvintage kindalady, you'll probably have noticed that these kinds of accessories are HOT right now. And not in a Melbourne Cup kinda way either.

Handmade in Sydney (by a lovely Frock You customer, no less!) each piece is as unique - no two feathers are the same! If you're not game (pardon the pun) for a full-on plume, go for the absolutely gorgeous thin headbands ($39.95 - $49.95) to trial the look. The clips are a massive hit with bridal parties, and you can contact Featherhead through their website for customised pieces. From jewelled tones to full on sequins, they make a blah outfit beautiful. A party piece for yourself would make a fab last minute stocking filler, no?

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