Monday, December 7, 2009

Mugs to Love

Every Christmas and birthday, someone, somewhere, will buy me a new set of mugs and/or a teapot. I'm not a crazy teapot lady (yet), though I do have several teapot-themed necklaces courtesy of Etsy. Come to think of it, my pj's have teacups on them too. Hmmm. So when I found Love That Mug, well it was like Christmas had come 3 weeks early!
Love That Mug design "favourite mugs", ones that express your personality, are conveniently dishwasher safe, and naturally totally rad. I love this little purple owl, or the Shower Me Not for cold wintery days. Or the Dairy Moo Mug, which thoughfully includes an arrow (behind the cow) pointing up to 'Insert Milk Here". hehe!

For $17.95, they're a pretty cool stocking filler. My Christmas stocking, in particular...!

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