Tuesday, December 15, 2009

30% Off 3 Day Sale!

This Christmas has got to be the most heavily discounted on record. Seriously, everyone from department stores to chain stores to boutiques and especially online stores are offering ridiculous discounts and incentives - PRE-XMAS. Don't think too hard about what's to come in the after-Christmas sales or your 50% -off Alannah Hill feathered hairband just might pop right off your head. Sites like Nevershoppedout, Missy Confidential, and the Vogue Sales Forum always have the latest and greatest deals so if you haven't alrady bookmarked them, do so now. Right now. And then come back and read alll about Frock You's awesome 3-day (yes! 3 WHOLE MOFO-IN' DAYS!) 30% sale!

You can buy pretty things like this:

Piper Lane Tearaway Cami $79.95 SALE PRICE $55.96
Or cool things like this:

One Teaspoon Jaguar Tank $129.95 SALE PRICE $90.96
Or cute things like this:

or essentials like this:

GRAB Flashdance Tee $49.95 SALE PRICE $34.96
or things you probably don't really need but can't pass up at this price, like this:

Lucky 13 Sequinned Singlet $89.95 SALE PRICE $62.96. Actually that's a lie, a sequinned top is a definite must-have of the season - and you'll still be wearing it come AW'10, which is a vertiable orgy of sparkles, beading, zips, studs, fringing.....

Only til Friday!

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