Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas without the Crap

I read a gorgeous post by Super Kawaii Mama (oh how I envy her eyeliner!) the other day - enough with the negative, jaded Christmas articles about crackers that don't pop and annoying Auntie Jean and the stress of navigating the supermarket on Christmas Eve. Onwards, instead, with appreciating the last Chrissy spent with 92 year old Nan, donating money to worthy causes, and heck, breaking into song in public once in awhile.

I'm all for that - I welled up with pride when my daughter told me she didn't want anything else for Christmas aside from her bouncy green Space Hopper that Santa has been specifically told about - instead she thinks we should put a pressie under the Wishing Tree "for the children who haven't got any toys". If this is the thinking of i-Gen, there is hope for humanity yet.

So this Christmas, depsite unintentional internal smirking, I will compliment my suburban Auntie on her flashing Christmas jewellery, tell Mum her turkey is a-ok, make sure every card is personalised and handwritten, and listen and learn when the older generation tell us about Christmas "back in the day". Oh, and sing glooo-ooor-oor-oor-oor-oor-oor-oor-oor-oor-oooooooo-r-i-a at the top of my lungs in the supermarket.

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