Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deep Breath - New Buys for a New Decade

We might look back on the noughties as a fast paced, consumer-driven, bling-encrusted decade with fond memories and maybe a cultural cringe or two. In theory, that means we can look forward to a decade (what are they called? Teens?) where we learn to slow down, appreciate quality over quantity, and focus on the whole (I'm talking friends and family, community, planet) rather than looking inwards.

With that in mind, I want to borrow that wonderfully understated British WWII slogan and gently suggest we all bare it in mind:

In order to do this, let's borrow some of that noughties spirit and buy a few little things to get us on our way. Good things though; useful things. I promise.

An inspirational notebook to jot down your thoughts. And get this: you could even use a pen to do so! A PEN! Notebook, $24.95; 'Bow' pen $6.95; both from Notemaker.
A book which not only looks pretty, but teaches you how to grow your own vegies and how to cook them. That's right, rants about Coles will soon be (mostly) a thing of the past! Delia's Kitchen Garden, $36.45 from Book Depository.

Some cute fabric to create your very own Sound of Music curtain-dress moment. $12.95 per 1/2m from FunkyFabrix.

Bling doesn't have to disappear altogether - in fact, give it a new lease on life by supporting independent artists who use recycled or reclaimed materials. Brooch, US$34.99 from ecobling at Etsy.
Tread softly on the earth - but make sure it's in a jazz style shoe in organic leather. Dorothy, $219 from tHeHorse.
And float about like a cloud in a supersoft organic cotton tee. $120 by Bassike.
Deep, doesn't that feel better already?

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