Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Spring Arrivals for Lady Frockers!

(NB: Little Frockers, watch this space (or get Mum to) - Munser, Missie Munster, Chilli Kids, Walnut, Baobab and Itch instore shortly!)

The last few weeks have been grey, dreary and rainy, but thankfully here at Frock HQ there are oodles of bright new Spring pieces to keep us from going nuts. Here's a few must-buys I thought I'd better alert you to before they sell out (Motel fans, take heed - many styles selling through at record rates despite being on the site less then a week!):

Sunny Girl Grey Boyfriend Blazer ($69.95): still a raging hot piece, the blazer is made lighter for spring, in a lovely shade of grey with a relaxed 'boyfriend' fit. Makes a pretty sundress that much more edgier (though grammatically dubious), or looks sexy and modern teamed with a tee and denim cutoffs. This version is a nice light linen and you can wear the sleeves cuffed to show off the cool stripey lining!

Living Doll V Neck Dress: this is a definite wardrobe staple - perfect for lazy summer days when it's too hot to care, for throwing over a bikini or accessorising with a belt/scarf/chunky bangles, it truly is an effortless piece that looks casual and chic at the same time. Plus it's only $34.95!

Motel Selina Dress ($110): I couldn't decide which Motel piece to put on here, as they are all really amazing this season, but I do like the bright blue skirt of the Selina dress (despite the name Selina making me think of the gummy Home & Away chick. Incidentally why is it called Home & Away? When are they ever 'Away'? Where are the scenes outside Summer Bay?) The jersey tank top and full skirt is flattering to pretty much everyone, unlike the skintight legging-jeans I saw a group of oversized bogan teenagers sporting in the local mall yesterday. OMG.

Two pieces from GRAB get a mention this week - the really really cool Ladder Detail Tank ($79.95), which has an edgy, rock chic style, and requires little else to make your outfit stand out, I'm thinking it's the perfect gigging top; and the chic Pointelle Wide Sleeve Knit ($89.95), which falls neatly into the 'dressy casual' category I like to pretend I invented to justify any expensive jeans that somehow end up in my wardrobe. Imagine this top with pale denim, a tan bag and heels - easy, simple and sophisticated.

A sweet little tee is a must for Spring, and French Kitty's Side Show Act Top ($49.95) has a cute bow at the neckline, giving it a nautical feel - but thankfully the pink and grey stripes make it more girly than yacht-y. Not that there's anything wrong with yacht-y, if it is even a word, but how many of us own a yacht on which to wear suitably nautical attire?

This week there'll be new arrivals from Blue Juice, Lucky 13 & Pink Stitch, so check the site daily and follow us on Twitter for instant updates! Plus, due to your overwhelming requests/demands, the Spring/Summer '09/10 catalogue is in the works, and should be available to view online mid-September. I'm wary of print versions as I am more than a bit anal about wasting paper and trees, but if we can find a decent printer we just might do a very limited print run...!

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