Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When it's ok to giggle at Rachel Zoe

I'm having one of those sick-of-winter-clothes-not-warm-enough-for-spring end of season wardrobe crises. Correction, climate change is a crisis, me being sick of my endless supply of grey knitwear is not. End of season wardrobe case of the blerghs, perhaps. That was, until I found this pic on Rachel Zoe's website, and felt much better about myself:

I'm assuming this is a photo of The Zoe, because all the other photos are. Because the website is entitled Fashion and Style Tips by Rachel Zoe, one would assume it is indeed about Fashion and Style tips. She usually looks great, if not slightly the wrong shade of tan, but this pic stopped me in my cybertracks for all the wrong reasons. If I signed up for a styling session and this vision waltzed (or stomped) into the room, I'd gape, then giggle, then guffaw before I was ROFL, and unsuccessfully attempting an inconspicuous escape by continuing to roll towards the door. Then I'd RUN. And find myself a sensible oversized floppy leopard print hat* to hide under.
*Actually the hat is the best part of the outfit.

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