Monday, August 10, 2009

Supermarket, thankfully not of the Coles variety

Being a mother and attempting to be a housewife means I spend more then my fair share of time trudging through the unflattering lighting and space age background noise environment that is Coles. But check this out: a Supermarket that is essentially the same as our beloved Etsy. Handmade, arty goodness without a Fly Buys card in sight.
I just spent more time looking through the kidswear, jewellery, prints and bags then I spend planning and executing a full-blown grocery shop. I'm loving the cards by Fold (US$11 each), the journals (US$18) from Andy Pratt and just about everything from Poketo, including this wicked monstery mug (US$14).

It doesn't come with a 'Warning: this is addictive and you now have no excuse to give a crap present. Ever", but it should. *Happy browsing sigh*

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