Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sneaky Peaky Summer Preview: Part 1

Winter is awesome. It rains occassionally and then everything smells clean, you can snuggle into the couch in your pjs and watch dvds, sip hot choccies while reading magazines, and layer up in lush knits...mmm.....but there is something to be said for Summer. Aside from, y'know, it's WARM, and you can throw on a sweet frock and slip on comfy flats and just go. It's daylight for longer and you feel more like being healthy and eating fruit. We all know how frustrating it is when, in the murky depths of freezing Julys, the stores start getting in their spring and summer lines. It's stupid, becuase when summer actually comes around these items will be marked down to make way for next winter. But anyway. Due to the MASSIVE response to our mega awesome stocktake sale, we don't have much winter gear left, and thus are jumping on the bandwagon - herein may I present a preview of Summer 08/09: "hippie vintage rock chic" (and if you fit into bikinis, you're in for some real treats)...

First up, the eternally cool One Teaspoon. Remisicient of chilled out Glastonbury styles minus the mud, piss and beer, this range is actually really wearable and a good mix of trend-based pieces and fabulously unique pieces. And the swimwear willl blow your socks off, which is handy, because swimming in socks isn't really recommended.

Obviously a bit too much geek chic-ery going on, and don't stare too long at the bikini model's rib cage or you'll get freaked out, but this range will be stellar and I reckon one of their best yet!

Blue Juice is one of those labels that once you realise just how awesome and well-priced it is, you get completely hooked, and become one of the savage pack of Frockers who pounce on the website at the mere mention of new stock, teeth bared and claws at the ready...(in other words, hot new pieces sell out fast so keep your eyes peeled). This summer they're mixing african tribal colours with middle eastern flavours, and as usual covering everything from party frocks to casual tees to workwear that is anything but boring - they've even done a few knits and jackets which means you can justify buying them in winter! And I have dibs on one of the white Grecian dresses. MINE, I tell you, MINE!

Summer calls for a bright new bag, and if you dn't want to shell out thousands for the latest IT-bag, or even hundreds for your arm-attire because you'd rather buy icy cool daiquiris, then Fanciulla have got you covered. For less somewhere between $50-$120 they've got some fabulously versatile and good lookin' bags, in pretty colours as well as your staple black, tan and white. They've also thoughtfully added "travel partners", not in the form of good looking backpackers, but cabin bags, satchels with loads of pockets and small makeup/jewellery cases!

Birds of a Feather don't do monthly injections year-round like most labels, but it's always worth the wait. This summer, they've called their range "Pretty Things, Peculiar Places" which is enchanting enough, but the range of whimsical frocks, girly tops and cute shorts and skirts is not only wearable but so darn cute! If you can get past the slightly odd see-through shots, you'll see a gorgeous range in simple colours - it'll bring out your girly side!

For those of you who haven't fallen for French Kitty's feminine, youthful and vintage-inspired pieces, check out their summer range of togs for serious woooah factor:

Best taken on a yacht in the Mediterannean. Frocks, tops and shorts work best in a sprawling villa in the French countryside:

Sigh. Must get to the shops and stock up on self-tanning moisturiser. Considering it won't get properly warm here until, erm, late November, it should be plenty of time to get the faux-glow a-workin'.
Part 2 including kidswear, soon!

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