Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Essentials Part 2: Feeding & Pooing

Part 2 of my Kids Corner @ blog: things wot help with feeding, and things wot help with what happens after feeding...

Dummies, Bottles & Bibs:

Whether you choose to use them or not, it’s fun looking at the multitude of styles available – department stores and supermarkets carry the usual ranges of Avent, Nuk, Tommee Tippee, Pur, but online you can pick up such gems as Dior Bottles (manufactured by Nuk) for $49 and Dummy soothers (“desirable for their packaging alone”) for $45, with bibs starting at $39 .

Dolce & Gabbana do feeding bottles for $80, and $60 will get you a sleek Armani bottle. You can pick up a matching 7-pack of emblazoned bibs for just $195.

Juciy Couture has a slightly debatable reputation but the 3 pack of bibs ($72) are presented as 3 cute cupcakes and the 3-pack dummies ($78) come in an adorable heart-shaped box.

Bling for Baby? Try the $60 Swarvoski-crystal encrusted dummies from Tiny Pink Crystals.

Personally, using a bottle emblazoned with a designer logo would make me feel like I should pouf my hair up, add shoulder pads to my outfit and be filmed with a slightly blurred, Days of Our Lives-esque lens, so I’m more partial to these funky options from Nordic Kids:

Matching bottles and bibs are about $15 and blankets go for $50.

Babysmiles make hilarious dummy options, like this little Piggy for about $14 - great for gifts!

You can even go for green options with your bottles: Ecochild stocks GreentoGrow BPA-free plastic bottles for $16.95 and Natural Pacifiers for $9.95.


Babies poo alot. It’s ok, it’s healthy, and even if you screw your nose up and dry barf at other people’s little stinkybums, trust me when I say it’s (mostly) not so bad when it’s your own bub. The debate is totally and utterly endless when it comes to Disposable versus Cloth nappies (actual waste or water waste? Convenience or recycling? And so on…) but once you’ve worked out which option suits you, it’s time to go shopping!


Wrap little bums in some French designer nappies with these beautiful cloth options by Sweet Lili ($49 each) in chic plain colour options:

Couture by CushieTushies ($35 each) with options including denim, Kimono (silk brocade), and white minky, these are for stylish tots who know how to make an underwear as outerwear statement.

Nature’s Child make organic all-in-ones right here in Aus for $39.95:

or try Ecobots for environmentally friendly disposables (68% biodegradable) and about $25 a pack. Buy online at Neco.

Huggies (about $42 for a box of 108 newborn size) continue to be Australia’s most popular nappy, and with good reason – they honestly work! They’re on special at either Coles or Woolies almost every week, so the cost-per-nappy isn’t too hard on the hip pocket when you can buy in bulk.


Baby Beehinds All-in-one cloth Nappies ($25 each):
These come in a gorgeous array of bold, bright colours and are quick and easy:

Nurture Nappies provide organic cotton, bamboo and hemp cloth options from around $20 .

If you’re crafty, try making your own – find instructions at OzCloth Nappies, and awesome fabrics and patterns at Nappies Covered.

Sooooo many mothers swear by the big supermarket’s house brand disposable nappies: You’ll Love Coles are about $14 a pack and very similar to Huggies, and Woolworth’s Select start at around $13 .

Next week: bunny rugs & wraps (pink Dior!), and baby skincare (gotta start 'em young).....

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