Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrity Baby Names

Fame and money can't earn or buy you common sense. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban named their baby girl Sunday Rose. I can't picture the poor little bub without imagining a steaming leg of lamb, surrounded by sizzling potatoes and drizzled with hot gravy. Sunday is sorta cool on it's own, and Rose is one of those very sweet little girl names, but together? The little tike is going to have a lifetime of forced grins and "no, I said Rose" and probably cop a lot of muted snickering from call centre workers. Still, from all PR reports the whole troop of Urban-Kidmans are doing well, which is the most important thing.

Nicole Richie called her little girl Harlow, which is also cool and a bit glam, but sounds like "harlot". It's lucky little Suri Cruise is so famous already, so she won't have to explain herself ,or her father, all the time. Shiloh? Cute kid (as you'd imagine)...but Silo? Matthew McConaughey and partner welcomed Levi Alves into the world this week. New name for a jean style. Tori Spelling and hubby named their second child, a baby girl, Stella Doreen. Doreen. It's not even retro cool. Seriously, don't parents think of these things before naming their offspring? And shouldn't nurses or whoever writes the names on the birth cards perhaps take responsibility and say, "Are you sure?" Britney's sister Jamie Lynn called her daughter Maddie Briann, which is cute, but you can just see legions of Centrelink queue-workers dropping Eppinee-Rae for Briann. Briann Shania Dakota Doreen, perhaps.

According to Jagger is a poopular new baby name, after great lips Mick himself. What if the kids decides he likes J-Lo instead? I'm not saying the world should be full of Sarahs and James' and Emilys and Michaels. Variety is the spice of life. Celeb baby names, however, are more like the fruit loops.

Pic from Celebrity Gossip .

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