Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shopping is Shite

On my never-ending quest to find weird and wonderful and albeit useless trinkets, I have recently become enamoured with mildly offensive everyday objects. Etsy hath been my saviour. The other day I bought a shite plate, which will sit nicely next to my shite toy bunny. I don't mean they are awful, or indeed made from/to look like fecal matter, I mean that they are lovely everyday objects emblazoned with something possibly offensive:

My shite plate is a vintage find from the back of Nanna's cupboard and hand-painted with "food-safe" ceramic paint. I can't wait to serve up a delicious steaming plate of something, to have the lucky recipient clean their plate and then see those bold black letters staring back at them. It may bias them against what they've just eaten, but it will be funny.

Shite bunny is made in the USA from soft felt and lovingly hand-stitched together. He has a brother, who lives with my brother, the "go F**K yourself" bunny (the toy, not my sibling). They get along great (the toys, not my sibling and the toy).

Get your bollocky plates from Trixiedelicious and Bunnies wot swear from spidercamp . Feck! Arse! Drink!

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