Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sooki Baby AW10

I just love SOoki Baby, and was suitably sademoticonface when my daughter grew out of it (currently they only do up to size 2).

BUT next season, we'll be stocking the brand new Sooki...yep, for Little Frockers 3-7! Woop woop!

For now, however, here are some of the very cutest bits from the new season range. We're loving it 'cos it's suitably infant-like (re: cute) but still seriously stylish (re: cool):

It's Raining On Me Padded Reversible Jacket, $49.95 - a cute, vintage-sttyle print on one side and awesome red-and-white stripes on the other. Jack (or perhaps more Meg) White, eat your heart out.

Hide & Seek Ruffle Bum Leggings, $26.95 - basic black goes with absolutely everything, the ruffles make it exra adorable.

Nan's Wallpaper Dress, $32.95 - love the funky retro print contrasted with the cute baby pink base! Fresh and light for winter, go for a totally vintage inspired looks with some little mary-jane soft shoes and a pretty hair bow! Naw!

The King Hooded Reversible Jacket, $49.95 - one side is ubercool black, the other is funky lime green and grey marle stripes. The whole thing is downright rad!

Boot Camp Snapsuit, $32.95 - military style is always awesome. And in this case, practical as well.

Superhero tshirt, $24.95 - what little boy (or girl, for that matter) hasn't thrown a towel over their shoulders, donned some swimming goggles and slipped their undies on over their trousers? At least this way, they can indulge their inner superhero and you can avoid tring to navigate a decked-out superman through the shopping centre.

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