Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make Your Valentine's Day Sparkle! I mean, Glow.

In the dark. Your bra and knickers, that is.
Luminoglow is "the original glow in the dark lace lingerie". I haven't got much to say as I'm quite speechless. Is it sexy? Is it weird? (via That's Noice)

If you're going to have V-Day in the dark, you might also want to grab some of these glow in the dark coasters to make sure you don't accidentally place your wine on the back of the dog.

Or maybe some glow in the dark bubble bath to complete your romantically luminous evening?
Spending the night with the girls? A glow in the dark 'Playful Sucker' will be hilarious after many (many) martinis...

(you drink out of it, apparently. Ahem.)

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