Friday, February 12, 2010

Lilac Eyeshadow IS Wearable!

A few months ago, some gal pals and I threw a totally rad 80's party. I picked up a $4 tub of cheapie lilac shadow for the occassion, but it never crossed mymind to keep it for a fresh new season look. Well actually, I couldn't have, because I knocked it off the bathroom bench while trying to perfect a Scrunchie-d side ponytail.

This month's Marie Claire suggests a shade of purple across the lids to leave "eyes looking luminous", as seen at the likes of Christian Dior and Versace. There is something fresh and feminine about a wash of lilac (and that's not intended to sound like a bad ad for lady-bits hygiene wash).

But how to apply? BellaMumma reckons an eyeshadow sponge is the way to go - as well as keeping the rest of your look natural (unless you're game enough to add some raspberry red lips for extra va-va-voom!). A single wash of purple (dip a wet brush into a lavender shade to create a same-colour liner and thus, extra definition) right up to the brows seems to be the way to go, followed by a few coats of black mascara to finish off.

Products? I luurve MAC for eyecolour, so next time I'm passing by the counter I'll sample the lovely pots of colour for my shade. Something like Electric Iris would do the job nicely; as would Make Up Forever's Lilac89. Or, try brands like Rimmel or Australis where you'll be able to pick up some purple for less then $10!

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