Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daggy Revelation: My Fave Ad

Some ads are clever, some are funny, some are thought-provoking. And some are just so damn catchy.

Whenever I've got my housewife-thang on, somewhere along the line the cleaning process no doubt involves rubber gloves and a bottle of Spray'n'Wipe. And of course, as I, well, spray and wipe, that song goes round and round in my head. But it makes me smile. And continue to buy the bloody thing, depsite increasing misgivings about overloading the cleaning cupboard with chemicals.

Apparently, other people like it too. So much so, that Colgate Palmolive are renewing the classic ad series, first screened in 1988. Whether it's because it worked so well the first time around, or because they're clean out of ideas, I can't say I'm disappointed. Might even buy a cleaning apron to go with my gloves.

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