Friday, February 5, 2010

Frock! AW '10 New Stuff!

I'm ending my week by not doing the dishes and curling up on the couch with the new issue of ShopTilYouDrop (out Monday). I've read 46 pages so far and added 3 "must-have pieces" for the new season to my list, and, disregarding the fact that I won't be able to wear them for a few months, have that tingly feeling of anticipation like when you peel open a new notebook and promise yourself to fill the pages with gorgeous, meaningful, life-changing scribbles.

If you're over the heat they way you're over your gladiator sandals, plan to spend some part of the weekend indoors, preferably near the air-con, getting excited about your new season wardrobe. We've had a couple of A/W shoots so far, and are loving the socks off all the new pieces coming in. The fashion gods even smiled on us this week and went all wintery, sending us some rain to complement this season's pieces:

And what pieces are they? I hear you ask. Well, you can check out the What's New page every day for new arrivals (new season Motel will be in next week for all you obsessives out there!), and you can also have a quick squiz below:

Mimosa Admiral Jacket, $229.95 This is one of the pricier items of the season (and yet it'll still hardly put a dent in your budget, particularly if you calculate a cost-per-wear-basis...) and damn it's cool. Structured, chic, but with that model-off-duty effortless cool which will look gosh darn fabulous any which way you style it.
Living Doll Heavy Metal Top, $59.95 sure it's a catwalk-copy but it's one of the coolest versions out there and definitely the best value! A simple shape means the amazing beading gets cebtre stage - feel all egyptian-princess meets-modern-rock-chic, and try to avoid contact with other people's bling. Or you might be attached to them all night.
Deer Ruby Leather Charm Bracelets, $19.95 ea You know how Nicole Richie always has layers of bohemian-style bracelets but always manages to look so chic? Well, she doesn't wear these bracelets exactly but that's only 'cos Deer Ruby is a new label. If she knew about it, she'd wear it. Look out for loads of mag editorial in the next few months and get in ahead of the fashion pack.

Sunny Girl Puff Sleeve Printed Dress $49.95 The best thing about summer is that you can throw on a dress and be dressed. the best thing about this dress, is that all you need to add is some opaques and boots. Oh, and it's on page 46 of the March issue of STYD, as part of the 'The Season's Key Looks' spread. Must-buy.

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