Thursday, November 26, 2009

ARIA Awards Red Carpet

The thing is, there's only about 20 million people in Australia. So when we have red carpet events, celeb pickings can be a little slim. The 2009 ARIA's are on tonight in Sydney and the first batch of piccys to circulate have more than a few blank spots. Thankfully though, music awards leave lots of room for individual expression, outrageous styling and raised eyebrows, making them far more interesting than the uber-grooming of the Oscars...

The fallout from being super duper overly thumbs-up positive and colourful on kiddy tv made former Hi-5er Charli Delaney go for minimilast black. In every sense of the word.

Loving the colour, the shoulders and the piping on singer Lisa Mitchell's frock. She's got the whole short hem/long sleeves balance down pat. And some knockout bangles to boot.

Here's LadyHawke in a sensible grey jersey Hobbit gear:

I had to look twice - this is Kate Ritchie, looking very chic and rather fabulous without being overdone. Bravo!
And now some Little Black Dresses, without so much Little in 'em:
Sarah Blasko rocking the statement shoulder;
Clare Bowditch in a plastic, carbon-neutral frock;
and newly gingered Kate Miller-Heidke *wolf whistle*
Finally, Renee Cassar in a big red bow. Christmas is not for another month, love.

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