Thursday, November 5, 2009

(Short) Notes on a Scandal

It's rare that you see anyone at the races who looks glam in a non-trashy way. Men have it easy - shirt, tie, nice pants; but for ladies usually it means flimsy frocks, ridicluous headpieces and heels that are kicked off by lunchtime. Ok ok, so there are of course lovely fillys who frock up beautifully, but for the most part when you think 'races' you think 'stumbling around clutching a bottle of wine in one hand and shoes in the other'. Does make for a fun day out though.

Today, someone who was not Bec Hewitt wore SHORTS to the races and the world is in an uproar. This lady is studying to be a Doctor, and as it turn out, is originally from Tassie. Chantal Thornton said she wanted to do soemthing "a bit edgy, different and still appropriate", making the very good point that she didn't have to worry about her dress flying up in the wind. Not that many drunk tarts worry about that either.

She spent $1500 on her oufit (which really has nothing to do with anything except to show that she's put some effort in), has great legs, and is accessorised nicely. Nothing about her outfit is offensive, except to members of the Victorian Racing Club who warned her not to wear it again. Are they suggesting people routinely wear the same outfit to race days? That notion seems about as antiquated as making a fuss about tailored shorts. Ok, so if Jean Shrimpton hadn't worn a mini-dress way back when, we may have been saved from eyefuls of cellulite today, but surely stuffy old insitutions need a shake up from time to time. AND THEY'RE JUST SHORTS.

Locally, we know of a fellow who was refused entry to the local racing club on a stinking hot day, because he wasn't wearing a jacket. Nobody inside was wearing one either, but he wasn't allowed through the door until he had a jacket on. I'm all for dressing appropriately and presenting yourself well, but there comes a point where it all just gets a bit ridiculous.

How come Bec Hewitt was lauded (well, ok, not totally bagged) for wearing this? White shorts and a bra-style top...ummm...?

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