Monday, November 9, 2009


Diva, who are only a notch behind Supre on the dance music ear-blasting scale, now have an online store. This is awesome in so many ways, because let's face it, Diva is pretty rad. They really do have every outfit covered, and even though it's not the best quality stuff *cough*, for the most part you can update your look for under $15 so who cares!

The current issue of Madison showcases a gorgeous pair of circular drop earrings for the grand old proce of $22.99. I sifted through our local store, which is the size of a toilet cubicle but they cram an awful lot of stuff in there, to no avail. But never fear, I thought bravely, as I elbowed yet another pudgy teenybopper who was staring blankly at that sparkling wall of silver out of my way. I can buy it online!

Well, as it turns out, I can't. It's a cruel trick from the Divas above - if I can't find it, I'm only going to want it more and therefore hunt obsessively 'til I can find them. They're not on the website - please don't tell me they're last season! Or even worse - please don't tell me they were part of your wicked Buy One get One free sales and I missed out?

I compensated by spedning $5 on a statement necklace I'd spotted in Shoptilyoudrop last month (reduced from the advertised $29.95, I might add) and another $5 on a jewelled headband which was also reduced from $29.95. So in effect, my $49.90 saving compensated somewhat for my lack of dangly ear decorations.

But. I. Will. Find. Them. Or something else sparkly...

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