Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Oatmeal - Totally LOL

You know how sometimes you know you should be working, cleaning, eating or otherwise engaged in a productive task, but dang, you just can't be arsed? This is when sites like The Oatmeal come in handy.

A mix of random comics, titillating anecdotes and assorted quizzes that shit on anything Facebook can come up with, it's truly a LOL a minute - dare I say it, perhaps even a LOL every 30 seconds. I'm talking the types of LOL's that begin as a snicker, then a furtive glance to make sure no-one is seeing that you are giggling at 'Things Bears Love', then a full on GIGGLE, then a "check this out LOL" in your nearest chat window.

Such is the way we can spend late nights in this millennium. Awesome.

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