Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30% off today only!

You knew it was coming - time for another famous Frock You sale, and this time it's a corker: 30% off one day only (Wednesday 11th November)! If you've got the newsletter, you've already got a rundown of the most awesome buys - for kids, this summer is F-rockin', for bubs, it's all about prints, and for ladies? The (hot, steamy) sky's the limit - go nuts with neutrals, stock up on basics, get your Chrissy party frocks and shoes sorted, or just pick up some damn cool tops and swan around knowing you are the shiz. Or whatever it is kids are saying these days. To whit:

(does that makes sense? It sounds much nicer than "'ere, check this out, like", anyway. Oh and these are pieces not in this week's newsletter, cos you know, you've probably already seen those. and stuff. Prices below include the 30% discount)

One Teaspoon April Rose Fringed Tank $55.96 this is a nice fresh mauve - and not mauve like your mum's eyeshadow in 1985, more like a girly, swirled, pretty mauve in a loose fitting tank with fringing. Typically One Teaspoon (though that is a juxtaposition) it's so up-to-the-minute it's in a different time zone. One Teaspoon are not followers, they do their own thang and they do it with flair.

GRAB Button Through Stripe Top $48.96 this is a super cool piece you can throw on for casual days when you don't want to be a total dag, but can't really be arsed dressing up. Plus, it's stripey. It's kinda cropped and loose and lovely, so we've popped it over the GRAB Foil Jersey Seam Tank $27.96 which comes in a gorgeous peach shade (again, not peach circa 1983. We hope).

Sunny Girl Jewelled Dress $48.96 A fab party option, it's a new take on the LBD and has cute gemstone (well, plastic beads) detailing on the sides. Detachable straps mean you can have extra support if you need it, or you can go strapless and add a nice sheeny moisturiser or faux glow. Remember body glitter and stuff in the late 90's? I do. I loved it. And I have a tub of it I'm busting to use again - I found it for my Tinkerbell costume for Halloween. The early 90's have come around again, so surely the late 90's will be next? OMG will Britney be retro? But anyway, cute dress. And a bargain!

For the under-2's, onesies are so darn awesome - team them with chubby legs and cute little soft shoes and watch old ladies everywhere go "aaaw!". This 'sweet' print by Itch ($24.46) is a winner - bright, original and uber cute, you won't even notice food stains on this one!

And the over 2's can look suitably cool and brooding - let yer tshirt say it all, man. The Dragstar Tshirt by Munster ($27.96), teamed with skate shorts and a wicked hat, will rock the playground. And possibly the Kasbah.

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