Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I only have one word to say to you:

Croquembouche. OMG. I have never dribbled at the telly before, but this towering creation put to the Celebrity Masterchef-ers by Adriano Zumbo was positively, seriously and completely mouth watering. Plus, what an awesome word!

It's a swirl of chocolate and vanilla custard filled profiteroles covered with caramel and finished off with pretty toffee butterflies. Not on your nelly would I be attemtping this, particularly since my last baking effort, a simple vanilla cake with frosting, erm, mainly stuck to the pan. Tasty though.

However I do have a particularly talented/brave amigo who is going to make it for our girl's night christmas dinner. I am on my way over there now to deliver several packets of bandaids in anticipation (yummy caramel can apparently burn like buggery). If it works, there will be photos, there will be carbs, and there will be sugar-high festive frivolities galore. Stay tuned!

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