Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer New Arrivals!

Today it was actually warm and sunny ALL day. Like, not just at lunchtime, or a sunny morning, but the whole day has been above 20 degrees, which is somewhat of an achievement. It means that after having loads of lovely summer frocks stockpiled, I can finally bust some out (though the tanning moisturiser needs to be busted out first). Here's some new summery stuff we've received recently:

Pink Stitch Muse Dress, $79.95 I'm not really a brown-wearing kinda person, which is actually quite irrelevant as this dress is more in the tan family. Ergo, I can wear this dress despite it not being the colour palette I usually go for. Hurrah! It looks so sophisticated and you only need minimal accessories - some delicate earrings and some killer heels should finish it off quite nicely indeed.

Birds of a Feather Pretty Woman Dress, $119.95 Alot of stuff about the early 90's was not cool. Flower hats, for example. But Pretty Woman was. And polka dots are. So this dress - it's cool. It's pretty. It's womanly. Love.

August Street Last Breath Dress, $74.95 This is so model-off-duty. With some ankle boots and layered necklaces, you could float around clutching a water bottle, phone, and giant latte and just generally look cool. It wouldn't matter if you were on your way to have your bikini line waxed or bunions removed, people would still think you were awesome. It's that kind of dress.

Birds of a Feather Naughty or Nice Top, $59.95 It's stripey and channels nautical chic without the need for rope acessories or wideleg white pants. Wear it with denim or contrast it with bold red. Or go all black and white and just swipe on your brightest lippy!

Living Doll Patched Distinction Tank, $34.95 When a plain black tank is much more than a plain black tank, it lends itself to a cute front pocket with lots and lots of beads of varying sizes and colours. A great top for those who love sparkly things in the daytime but who have to fend off complaints about people's eyes being dazzled in the summer sun from their sequinned mini. Sparkly daytime glam, for just $34.95.

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