Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jimmy Choo + Ugg = Chuggs

Maybe because Uggs are as much a part of our national psyche as vegemite, pointless public holidays and Speedos, it's hard for me to see them as a high-end fashion accessory. They're slippers. The comfiest slippers on the planet, for sure, but still, shoes for slipping into after a long day at the office/night at the pub. They're shoes that people wear in the comfort of their house; on trips to the corner shop to grab some milk or a Frosty Fruit; or, as certain sections of the community do, to hang out in local shopping malls in packs and swear at each other while shouting at their, uh, originally-named offspring. Other nations however, just don't see the bogan-chic side of it like we do. In other words, they like it so much that even Jimmy Choo collaborates with Ugg. From about $600 you could own a pair of Jimmy Choo...ugg boots. Ugg boots! Or, as they are now known, 'Chuggs'.

The designs are way cool, there's no doubt about it.  Maybe there's a sense of national pride underlying the scepticism I feel about this designer collab. Just like it's highly amusing that Blundstones are suddenly being coveted by Topshop - yes, Blundstones as in the sensible, practical work shoes that farmers wear; the ones that are made in a factory outisde Hobart. Fashion takes inspiration from all ways of life, sure, but bogans and farmers is maybe pushing it a little too far. Or at least, it's uncomfortable close to home to make it covetable. What do you think - funny or fab?!

'Chuggs' are available in the US from Oct 21.

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