Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty Rave: Delipscious Lip Balm

It's no secret that I have a somewhat burgeoning collection of lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks (but no lip liners actually. Can't be bothered with them). My latest acquisition is a Body Shop Delipscious Lip Balm ($19.95) in Berry. It's great for everyday wear - you know, when you sure as hell can't be stuffed with lippy, and shiny gloss is a bit OTT - as it's nice and moisturising (thanks, community trade cocoa butter) with just a tint of colour. Enough to say you bothered, but not so much that your mouth enters the room before you do. In other words, it's one of my fave lip balms to date, but then most Body Shop beauty products get my tick of approval. The only downside is that it's only available in 4 colours at the moment - 2 brown-based, a pale pink and of course berry. However, Delipscious also comes in 9 sheer lip colours, including a lush-looking raspberry that I think I'll try and sneak in to test next time I'm out shopping. Sneak, because the chances of a Body Shop sales assistant letting you get away with just one product are very slim.
5 stars!

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