Friday, October 15, 2010

Are Those Waffles In Your Ears?

It's the kind of morning when the rain is bucketing down, it's grey and dark, and you just want to wrap your hand around a steaming mug of tea and stay inside all cosy-like.  Perfect weather for browsing Etsy actually, especially with the dollar at US.99c. In other words, better online shopping conditions could not really be hoped for.

The other day (when the dollar was at a measly 94c) I discovered Tiny Tasty, an Etsy store based in Oslo who create the cutest food-based (ok, mostly dessert-based) jewellery.
"Oh I love your waffle earrings!"
"Thanks, they're from Oslo". Oh yeah, that's a conversation I want to have.

Tiny Tasty treats are around $50 from Etsy. If you like the mug above, you can nab it from the Tea Appreciation Society for about $11.

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