Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Sale Time!

July. About the only time of year one can get almost excited about filing and visits to the accountant; when the full force of chilly winter days really set in and you really get wear out of that coat you've been dying to wear since you bought it in February; and, of course, when stores go mental with reductions on winter stock in order to make way for fresh new Spring goodies. I went to the Miss Shop last weekend and they had 40% off tops and dresses. 40%! We've only done that once, and can I just say NEVER again - it was full-on, to say the least.

Our final markdowns are done and dusted, and there are some absolute bargains to be had. We're clearing out stock at a rate of knots (do you actually know how to measure knots? I don't. I don't even like boats very much. And fish creep me out. Hugely.) Anyway, those among us who are into things like sorting and organising are having a total ham of a time restructuring the storeroom, which is almost ready for the influx of Spring stock. (You can check out a sneaky peeky shortly on our Facebook profile - just waiting on a few more discs of images to come through!).

So where are the good markdowns? Chip Chop tees are just $39, for one. And speaking of, wait til you see the new season collection, it's a little different but it's's titled "So you think you're from France" for one.
All of our ediT stock is also marked down, in preparation for the new season - stock is pretty limited but it's also pretty awesome, especially when it's priced from just $59!

And some of the best bargains are on the GRAB page - all previouslty reduced stock has even further reductions, while winter stock is freshly marked down and ripe for the pickin'! I nabbed a Star Spangled Tank - just $49 down from $129.95 - which will be perfect for nights out with some dark skinny jeans and a blazer. Undertstated, but glam. And sparkly.

You might be sick of looking at knitwear in shops (really it's quite refreshing to wander into a store and see splashes of light, bright springtime colour on a grey wintery day, depsite there being no possibility you're going to buy and/or wear them anytime soon), but now's really the time to nab them - it's still gonna be cold for a few months yet! The Mimosa Channel Chain Knit is absolutely gorgeous - and if you live in a milder part of the country (ie, not here) it would double nicely as a jacket, not just a cardi. And for $99.95 (down frm $159.95) that's not bad at all, is it?

Little Frockers can go absolutely nuts - most kid's labels only do 2 collections a year so it's always massively exciting at end of season time because 1) the markdowns to clearout the leftover stock are always massive, and 2) after waiting many months, everyone is champing at the bit for new pieces to look at!

PS - be quick. Seriously.

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