Friday, July 2, 2010

Star Style: Nicole Richie

I've never really given two hoots about Nicole Richie. Previously, I'd see pics of her in a maxi dress and sandals and big sunnies and think, "that's easy, I can do that" and not spend another second caring about what she wears or even what she does. Because until fairly recently, she was one of those unfortunate celebs that was famous for doing nothing. How things have changed. She is still the go-to girl for how to style a maxi, but I've been more and more impressed - enough so to actually pay attention - with her understated chic outfits. Getting the whole "appropriate for being a mum and having baby food thrown at you/chasing a toddler through the playground - effortlessly stylish and subtly on trend" blend right is not that easy. Coupled with the acclaim she's generated for her two fashion lines, House of Harlow and Winter Kate, she's suddenly deserving of a whole lot more respect. What's Paris doing these days, btw?

Nicole, these days, wears an awful lot of black tights/skirts/jackets combos. But for the depths of winter, it's an easy way to look dressed up and stylish, but not overdone:

The playground requires a staple palette in comfy but stylish cuts:

And for evening? Let the sparkles speak for themselves:

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